2 Star Places To Visit in Washington, United States (22)

  1. 2.5 12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino (86 reviews)
    - Need More Tables
    12 Tribes Lake Chelan Casino image
    Like to gamble? This casino is open twenty-four hours a day and boasts over 200 slot machines. See more..
  2. 2.5 Pacific NW Float Trips (64 reviews)
    - Not recommended
    Boat Tours
    Pacific NW Float Trips image
    Captain Dave had his mask down to his chin in the car ride, and spit copiously when he was talking. He also had a paternalistic attitude, telling me what to do in ways that went beyond reasonable safety considerations. Additionally, the time of our flight was changed last minute. This may not bother you, but he also name-dropped constantly, which I found annoying, especially when I was there to be out in nature, not being subjected to a word salad. See more..
  3. 2.0 Skippers Equestrian Center (12 reviews)
    - I would NEVER recommend Skipper's to anyone
    Saturday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Horseback Riding Tours
    Skippers Equestrian Center image
    I called Skipper's Horse Rental well in advance of our trip to the coast with the express purpose of riding on the beach. I signed our party of four experienced riders up for the 2 hour ride for a Saturday. I called 2 weeks before our scheduled trip to change it to Sunday as I heard the weather was going to be bad on the original day. I was told that was no problem and just make sure we were there a half hour before the ride was to start. We arrived 45 minutes early as we were so excited. No one showed up, so I finally called the number. Skipper told me, "Yeah the storm made quite a mess so I'm not gonna show up today." When I questioned him further about why he couldn't have even given me a call to let me know, his response was, "Well hell, I didn't know it was gonna make such a mess". Not once did he even apologize for our inconvenience of traveling over 500 miles to ride with his outfit. When I told him I was going to leave a review to the effect that it was a poor way to do business, he told me that he didn't care and he was done talking to me. He hung up on me. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANYONE! Very unprofessional and rude. The corrals were very shabby as well, so I doubt they take much pride in their horses either. There was another group of 6 that were in the same situation that Skip left us in. I went across the street to Backcountry Outfitters and they were awesome!!!! Saved our trip and everyone was extremely friendly. Go to Backcountry Outfitters to ride on the beach! See more..
  4. 2.5 Crow Butte Park (7 reviews)
    - No Reservation--Should not have been a problem
    State Parks
    Crow Butte Park image
    Beautiful park and well maintained, but the camp hosts, not so much. Drove in late afternoon (5 p.m.) on a Sunday and was told by the camp host that they would "see what they could do about finding a spot." In walking about the grounds there were no less than 15 to 20 empty sites-- not all tent sites to be sure, but quite far from full. I could certainly understand holding a reservation earlier in the day, but at the end of the afternoon on a Sunday? After flapping around a bit, they begrudgingly assigned me a site, and told me that someone would be around shortly to pick up the fee. Nobody ever showed. The Benton County guy who came around the the next morning to collect the fee, however, was very nice. That said, the walk up to the Butte was beautiful, and the other campers were very nice. A beautiful place to stay were it not for the shabby treatment by the camp hosts. See more..
  5. 2.0 Apollo Activities Incorporated (6 reviews)
    - Bike Rentals
    Gear Rentals
    Avoid the Bike Rental at this place, only because the rates are super high ($11.00 per hour). We rented bikes for four hours thinking that they had a daily rate, and they did....$36 dollars. Two bikes for the day, with tax, ended up being $75 dollars. The surf shop (Skookum Surf) had bike rentals for $15 dollars for the whole day. Bad move on our part, but hopefully you can avoid making the same mistake with this review. See more..
  6. 2.5 Fortune Poker (6 reviews)
    - Surprisingly good food
    Saturday: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Casinos
    Fortune Poker image
    After a long day traveling, we were tired and hungry. This was the nearest restaurant to our hotel, so we tried it out. The huge menu incorporates both American favorites and Chinese food. Service was prompt and friendly, portions were generous and prices reasonable. The restaurant is in an area separate from the casino, so the atmosphere was peaceful and relaxing. See more..
  7. 2.5 Thomas Family Farm (5 reviews)
    - Farm fun
    Spent 1-2 hours Farms
    We like to visit different farms and pumpkin patches every year to try something different. However, we enjoyed Thomas Family Farm last Fall so much we decided to come back this year. Last year you could buy a bracelet and depending on the color and price, got to try out the attractions that corresponded to the bracelet. This year, there was one price for adults and another for kids. You had to buy an adult bracelet even just to watch your kid in the activity area. Paintball, mining, and escape rooms were charged an extra $5; last year they were part of the package deal. Food was priced fine, and tasty. We loved the roasted corn, kettle corn, and cinnamon donuts. It was still fun for the kids but if you've visited before, probably try a different one this year. See more..
  8. 2.5 Dorchester Street Jet Ski (4 reviews)
    - Not worth the time
    Saturday: 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM Waterskiing & Jetskiing
    Dorchester Street Jet Ski image
    My friends and I reserved 2 jetskis. We got there early, followed all guidelines and filled the forms BUT they waste so much time on you. Safety briefing and refueling takes up 20min of your 1hr. Once they took you out, they expect you to go fast to catch up with everyone and the worst part was, the so called "free time" was barely 7min and also at the end they rush you to return to the dock. The thing is if anything happens while you were going fast, you are liable, especially the $300 fine if you flipped your jetski. It is fun riding jetski but not with those rushings and risks. And oh do I forget to mention it costs $150 with taxes and fees. See more..
  9. 2.5 Blue Lake (4 reviews)
    - Great place for fishing and water recreation- don't expect more
    Bodies of Water
    A lake area where a fossil was found in 1935. See more..
  10. 2.5 Gold Park (4 reviews)
    - Small and not a lot to do
    Spent < 1 hour Hiking Trails • Gardens
    This is about a block square. It has picnic tables but nothing else. There is a great Asia grocery right across the street which is super popular. There are a couple very short trails and you can park inside the park. See more..
  11. 2.0 Massage Envy (3 reviews)
    - Great place for a massage!
    Saturday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Spas
    I have back problems, so have to get fairly regular massages. Sarah is my absolute favorite massage person! She's perfect for what I need! All the staff is friendly, helpful and fun! Cost? Which it was cheaper! Seems kind of high to me and they just raised their prices :( However, I'm sticking there for now because of the fabulous massages I receive! See more..
  12. 2.5 Pioneer Park Pool (3 reviews)
    - Best City Pool Ever
    Sports Complexes
    If you are on a road trip in the summer and you happen to be driving through Connell (or nearby), then stop here to beat the heat. It is a well run pool, clean, and set in a nice and shady park for picnics. But the best part is the water slides. It has 1 slide for toddlers, one slide for small kids, and then 2 huge slides for big kids and adults alike. The red slide is one of the coolest and fastest slides I've been on. The yellow one is fast but watch out for wedgies! The price is right, kids under 4 are free, and adults are $3 each. There are some picnic tables with umbrellas right next to the pool. Amazing that such a small town has such a sweet pool. See more..
  13. 2.5 Dog Creek Falls (3 reviews)
    - One of the most easily visible waterfalls on Highway 14
    Spent < 1 hour Waterfalls
    Dog Creek Falls image
    Dog Creek falls is located just off the highway East of Stevenson, WA. Because it is so close to the highway, it is easily visible from the parking lot, though deserves a walk up to see it closer. There is a short trail from the parking lot/pullout to the 30 foot falls which run year-around. There is a pool below the falls ideal for swimming. There are no tables, but it is a cute spot for a picnic. There are no facilities at the site - pack it in, pack it out. See more..
  14. 2.0 Pour House Bar & Grill (2 reviews)
    - Best Hamburg with an Egg!
    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM Bars & Clubs
    The best hamburg with an egg on top and yummy fries. This is definitely bar food. Fun place to hang outside if it's nice or play some pool. See more..
  15. 2.5 Ringers Pub & Grill (2 reviews)
    - Nice Sports Pub with great menu
    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM Bars & Clubs
    Only recently tried this pub as smokers crowding the front door were always a turn off - but once inside, pretty nice and roomy, (and non-smoking). Lots of TVs with everything sports going on. Pool, darts, etc., also. Menu is great; varied and affordable as are the drinks. Waitresses are fast, efficient, and friendly. See more..
  16. 2.5 Bub's Pub (2 reviews)
    - A FUN Pub
    Bars & Clubs
    A very good pub. Good selection of beers on tap. A varied menu with some specialities I have not seen anywhere else. The Chili Cheeseburger is served open faced and slathered with chili, cheese and onions. Before I saw it I was wondering how I could manage chili on top of my burger without having it run down my arm. A delicious item to be enjoyed with a fork. On Mondays all beers are upgraded to a large size at no additional cost. On Fridays and Saturdays they serve a delicious prime rib dinner.The wait staff are always courteous and friendly. There are pleanty of tv's viewable from everywhere in the pub and they even have pari-mutual betting from several race tracks. They recently moved to this location and I'm sure the negstive review from 2017 was from their previous location on North Tower Street. WELL WORTH A VISIT! See more..
  17. 2.5 Regal Cinemas Marysville 14 (2 reviews)
    - Nice theater, could stand some updating
    Movie Theaters
    I took my nephew here to see Avengers End Game and overall we had a nice experience. The seating was comfortable and the concessions were reasonably priced with quick service. Regal cinemas would benefit from expanding their concessions, screen options and offering reclining seats like AMC theaters. See more..
  18. 2.0 Three Dog Night (2 reviews)
    - Antiques Galore!
    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Spent < 1 hour Speciality & Gift Shops
    Three Dog Night image
    A dog shop dedicated to providing made in the USA top quality foods and treats. Raw diet options. Helping you with bathing your dog yourself with our self wash, giving you access to natural shampoos, conditioners and grooming supplies. We also have great dog lover gifts for the dog lover in us all. See more..
  19. 2.5 Doug's Beach State Park (2 reviews)
    - Great place to watch the wind sports or to participate if you do that sort of thing....
    State Parks • Bodies of Water
    I am not one to be out there on the water, however I love watching the acrobatics and skill of the water sailors doing their thing. The colorful sails and busy movements on the waves are fascinating to observe. Good parking. Nice beach. See more..
  20. 2.5 Clark County Fair (2 reviews)
    - Crappy venue for dog show
    Spent More than 3 hours Food & Drink Festivals
    Clark County Fair image
    I can’t believe with all the money dog show participants and visitors have paid for parking over the years, the parking lot continues to degrade and fall apart and seems no maintenance ever done. I’m sick of the parking situation. Poor layout with lots of spaces reserved close-by for special people, which are never full, and everyone else left to park amongst the potholes and crummy people taking up two spaces. Pretty much fed-up with the venue. Way over-charges for grooming spaces anyway. A conscientious dog owner would do better spending time and money elsewhere. See more..
  21. 2.0 French Lake Park (1 review)
    - Not Coming Back
    French Lake Park image
    I was told to go check this place out because its so much bigger than the dog park we normally go to. I went with my family which includes 2 kids 6 and under. The park is indeed huge, but fairly dirty too. We were already kinda not wanting to be there, but kids were having a great time. Then while we were walking the perimiter of the park with our dog 2 guys got in a fist fight. FIST FIGHT! In a dog park, and not a bar. I don't need my kids seeing this, or God forbid for some whacko to come to the dog park trying to shoot up the place because his dog is stupid and he can't control his emotions. Other parks are available. Not a great experience. See more..
  22. 2.0 BMX Park (1 review)
    - Dangerous, poorly planned, no parking
    Sports Complexes
    We live close to the BMX park in Gig Harbor. Took my son to the park to try out his new bike. The park is designed in a dogleg direction with a number of similar "jumps" heading in a downhill direction. The first problem is the city reduced the size of the bike park to accommodate two sand pits for volleyball. This greatly decreased the area where younger kids could ride their bikes in a flat, easier area. The second problem is the people using the volleyball courts take all of the limited parking, requiring kids to weave their bikes through cars parked at weird angles. While we were there a male volleyball player yelled at every kid trying to maneuver their bikes to the track next to the cars. I'm assuming he didn't yell at my son because I was with him. The jumps are extremely steep and difficult to use unless you have a certain level of skill. There will be a number of "users" saying that unless you have skill you shouldn't be using it, but the city should be making the park usable by all levels of BMX'ers, and not just the advanced kids. Gig harbor should either fix it or bulldoze it. See more..

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