Most reviewed Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks in Washington

  1. 5.0 Skamania Lodge Zip Line Tour (1.106 reviews)
    - Kid Free Weekend Activity
    Thursday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks
    Skamania Lodge Zip Line Tour image
    I ended up taking a solitary vacation in Stevenson, WA this past weekend & was trying to figure out what to do. Somebody brought up the Zip Line Tour at Skamania Lodge. Luckily they had a spot open the next day. The group I was with with a fun group consisting of 4 female adult friends with one of the friend's daughter, a couple and myself for a total of 8 people. I am sorry to say I forgot the name of the guides but they were very friendly and were able to clearly instruct people to be safe & have a great time. The banter in between lines was friendly and mostly humorous which helped add to the experience. My only complaint would be that it didn't last longer but I think I could zip from tree to tree all day if possibly. I highly recommend this activity to anybody who needs a bit of adventure. See more..
  2. 5.0 Canopy Tours Northwest (583 reviews)
    - Exhilarating Zipline experience on Camano Island in Washington state
    Adrenaline & Extreme Tours • Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks
    Canopy Tours Northwest image
    ! enjoyed very much the Camano Island (Canopy Tours NW) zip line today with two good friends, and it was an incredible experience! The zipline is located on an historic farm that dates from the early 1900’s with very beautiful forested land. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, and we had a very enjoyable experience on 6 different zip lines. I recommend this tour very highly and I will definitely be returning for another exhilarating experience like I had today! See more..
  3. 5.0 Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures (60 reviews)
    - Awesome Experience
    Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks
    Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures image
    It begins with a boat to Treehouse Island, then a quick safety course, and from there it's up into the tree tops for thrilling zips all across the island. Fun and exciting, yet safe enough for our 7-year-old daughter. Our guides were professional, personable, and informative. It is well worth the drive to Silver Lake. See more..
  4. 4.5 Adventure Dynamics (10 reviews)
    - So much fun!
    Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks
    Adventure Dynamics image
    A friend of mine and I went to Adventure Dynamics today and had an absolute blast. I was a bit too nervous to do some of the events, but the staff was so kind and didn't push anything. What I wanted to do they encouraged and even cheered on. It was one of the most fun things I have done is a while. I will definitely do this again! See more..
  5. 5.0 High Trek Chelan (8 reviews)
    - Safe Family Fun!
    Thursday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks
    High Trek Chelan image
    I spent an hour with my two boys ages 11 and 12 playing on the ropes course. All of us had a great time. The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend for anyone that wants a fun affordable family activity that will challenges your fear of heights. See more..
  6. 5.0 The Zipline X (6 reviews)
    - Adrenaline packed adventure!
    Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks
    The Zipline X image
    The staff was very safety oriented and extremely nice and enjoyable to be around. The zip lines keep your adrenaline going from crossing a 100 ft bridge 90 ft in the air to get to the next platform to the zipline 270 ft above a canyon. Extremely fun experience that also offers bungee jumping. If you're lucky enough you'll get to see someone jumping while you go across the canyon or even see kayakers going down the river. See more..

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