Most reviewed Shooting Ranges in Washington

  1. 5.0 Skagit Shooting Range (11 reviews)
    - The BEST range in Washington State.
    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Shooting Ranges
    Skagit Shooting Range image
    Wow,what a great place to shoot and buy parts and yes,ammunition. This is purpose-built range and pro help in the pro shop called North Sound Firearms in the same building,100 ' from the firing range. See more..
  2. 5.0 Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility (3 reviews)
    - Great place to go shoot Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand
    Spent 2-3 hours Shooting Ranges
    Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility image
    I've shot out at the Rattlesnake Mountain Shotgun Range quite a few times and am always impressed with the facility. They offer Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand(on certain days). The range house is very nice with clean restrooms and climate controlled interior for comfort all year round. They are also handicap accessible. See more..
  3. 4.0 Seattle Skeet and Trap Club (2 reviews)
    - A Very Nice Skeet and Trap Club
    Spent 2-3 hours Shooting Ranges
    For Christmas my wife gave me a shooting lesson with Mr. Bob Murata at this club. The club is open to the public and I have shot sporting clays here previously. The club facilities are excellent. The lesson with Bob was very enjoyable. I would highly recommend this club to anyone interested in shotgun shooting sports. If needed they provide ammo and rental guns. See more..
  4. 4.0 Granite Falls Sportsmans Club (1 review)
    - Very nice range in the woods
    Spent 1-2 hours Shooting Ranges
    Granite Falls Sportsmans Club image
    Granite Falls Sportsmans Club features trap and sporting clays shooting. The club is open to the public Friday and Saturday (some events are Saturday and Sunday). The staff is very friendly and accommodating to new shooters. There are no rental guns but you can buy ammo if you need it. See more..
  5. 5.0 Safefire (1 review)
    - Fun place to go for an hour or so!
    Shooting Ranges
    Safefire image
    Awesome indoor range! Always helpful, the range officers are always friendly, willing to help and offer tips and suggestions! They have guns to rent, different sizes, brands and calibers! Great place for a date night, or fun with friends! W love going there when the weather is terrible and we can’t get into the hills! I highly recommend stopping by, added bonus during the week is stopping at their shop upstairs! Same friendly atmosphere, with people that love what they do! See more..
  6. 5.0 Federal Way Discount Guns Shooting Range (1 review)
    - They put safety first
    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM Shooting Ranges
    Federal Way Discount Guns Shooting Range image
    Training, practice and familiarity are so important to self defense, and we all need a place to practice safely. I was pleased to find a range that permits shotgun practice. New to this area, friendly staff walked me through their rules before letting me on to the range. Very much appreciated. See more..
  7. Sun Valley Shooting Park (0 review)
    Saturday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Shooting Ranges • Sports Complexes
    See more..

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