Most reviewed Forests in Washington

  1. 4.5 Hoh Rain Forest (1.514 reviews)
    - One of the great diverse areas of Olympic National Park
    Hoh Rain Forest image
    One of the largest temperate rainforests in America, the Hoh Rain Forest offers a tranquil nature escape surrounded by lush greenery, old-growth trees, and abundant wildlife. Take the 0.8-mile Hall of Mosses loop trail to admire the forest's beautiful flora up close. To fully immerse yourself in the forest's beauty, you can even camp overnight and explore the Hoh River in the morning. If you're visiting during peak season, try to arrive early in the morning or late afternoon for fewer crowds. Guided tours are also available if you want to explore the rainforest and Olympic National Park with an expert. – Tripadvisor See more..
  2. 5.0 Olympic National Forest (616 reviews)
    - Burls, Beaches, Rain Forests
    Olympic National Forest image
    Pristine forest surrounding the Olympic Mountain range. See more..
  3. 5.0 Mount Rainier National Park (563 reviews)
    - Just Awesome.
    Bodies of Water • Mountains • National Parks • Forests
    Mount Rainier National Park image
    Anywhere I went I was NOT disappointed here. We stopped in Paradise but drove and hiked some of the smaller trails all around. I vastly underestimated the power and impact of standing at the base of Mt. Rainier and felt the pull to explore the heights as I stood there. Am too old to engage on the more advanced hike and as this was the first time visiting, was unprepared for my comfort with some of the lesser paths on the mountain itself although we did hike other easier areas. Narada Falls is a must, well worth the trek to observation area and be prepared to get soaked from this mists. I loved it!!!!. Mt. Rainier constantly teased us with possibly seeing the top. Clouds would thin and almost clear then suddenly thicken up. This is an Elder Mountain and as such has retained all the power and majesty throughout time. See more..
  4. 4.5 Grove of the Patriarchs (328 reviews)
    - A Gem at the Mountain
    Grove of the Patriarchs image
    A grove of red cedar and Douglas fir trees, some over 1,000 years old. See more..
  5. 4.5 Quinault Rain Forest (325 reviews)
    - A Long Drive and Worth It
    Quinault Rain Forest image
    The Olympic Coast national park. See more..
  6. 4.5 Quinault Big Spruce Tree (212 reviews)
    - Jaw dropping!
    Spent < 1 hour Nature & Wildlife Areas • Forests
    Quinault Big Spruce Tree image
    This was a relatively quick stop. We had to park basically on the side of the road and then walk through a dirt path in lite woods. We got to the bridge that brings you to the tree and our jaws dropped! This thing was huge. No matter what we did we could not truly get the whole tree within view on our camera but it was amazing! We went early-ish so we did not have a huge crowd. Highly recommend! See more..
  7. 4.0 Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park (95 reviews)
    - Historic wood
    State Parks • Forests
    Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park image
    A 16-million year old forest of petrified wood. See more..
  8. 4.0 Quinault Big Cedar (49 reviews)
    - Big Cedar- Wonderful photo opportunities, clear pathway, mobility scooter accessible. Oct. 8, 2022
    Spent 1-2 hours Nature & Wildlife Areas • Forests
    Quinault Big Cedar image
    We stopped to see the tree and was pleasantly surprised that the pathways were cleared of any debris and well maintained. I have a mobility scooter and was very pleased to be able to drive around the fallen tree easily, and follow the path to the end, with no blockage of the wide pathways. We had great opportunities to photograph the huge trunk "remains" of this beautiful tree, which even partially down is majestic! There were ample photo opportunities for shooting the amazing trunk and also many other trees up the path from it. Near the end of the path you will discover another cedar that may have been hit by lightning but also very photo-worthy! Even though the once graceful Big Cedar tree is down, it still is giving the world a great look at the beauty and grace found in nature around us. See more..
  9. 4.5 Wenatchee National Forest (39 reviews)
    National Parks • Forests
    Wenatchee National Forest image
    Scenic forest great for hiking, rock climbing and horseback riding. See more..
  10. 4.5 McCormick Forest (33 reviews)
    - Excellent Escape
    Thursday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Forests
    McCormick Forest image
    What a great escape! Tall forest trees, little critters, and we'll maintained trails made our afternoon stroll so pleasant, we forgot we were near town. See more..
  11. 4.5 The Grand Forest (30 reviews)
    - One of the Most Enchanting Destinations in Washington
    Spent 2-3 hours Forests
    The Grand Forest image
    Albeit a quick visit (i.e. an hour), I enjoyed my time in the Grand Forest. Pictures don’t really do enough justice to demonstrate just how enchanting, magical, and stunning the flora and fauna are here. A variety of trails wind through the depths of this thick, PacNorthwest woodland, allowing folks to explore for hours and get lost if not careful! But that’s somewhat part of the fun. A few reviewers have mentioned noise from neighboring “civilization,” but I experienced extraordinarily minimal noise during my visit. Only the birds chirping and leaves occasionally swirling in the wind. It’s a peaceful stretch of land for contemplation of life and escape from the stressors of the urban, built environment. Highly recommended to visit when in the Seattle area! See more..
  12. 4.5 Stimpson Family Nature Preserve (25 reviews)
    - Stimpson Family Nature Preserve
    Spent 2-3 hours Nature & Wildlife Areas • Hiking Trails • Forests
    Stimpson Family Nature Preserve image
    Beautiful shady hiking trail lined with ferns, wildflowers and many huge trees. Very hilly. We saw a tiny black mouse close to the trail, scurrying around and digging in the soil. Couldn’t get a photo of his entire body. See more..
  13. 4.5 Colville National Forest (23 reviews)
    - Short, pleasant walk in the woods.
    Nature & Wildlife Areas • Forests
    Colville National Forest image
    Highway 20 goes through the Colville and Okanogan National Forests. Along the way is a wayside pullout called Sherman Pass Campground. Associated with it is a 10 minute paved walk that is easy to do. It would be wheelchair friendly. It's that easy. After exiting highway 20, the campground is to the left, and the short trail is to the right. Both locations have vault toilets. I was the only one there at the time, but I was there on a Thursday, midday, in October. The fall colors were in full force. The campground was closed. But the scenic trail was available, and the bathroom nearby was open. If you need a short, pleasant stretch, this is for you. Need to let the kids get out? This is for you. See more..
  14. 4.5 Bridle Trails State Park (14 reviews)
    - Great place for a walk
    State Parks • Forests
    Bridle Trails State Park image
    This is a great place for a walk - in the 1-3 mile range. The only problem is this park is BIG and if you go off path you could spend MANY hours finding your way back. The only other drawback is that the trails are primarily for horses...which means you may be dodging some fresh horse "patties" along the way. Theirs enough foliage that even if it's raining, it's likely if your in the park that you won't get wet - but the trails do get muddy on occasion. See more..
  15. 5.0 Salmon Cascades (11 reviews)
    - Amazing view of the salmon run. Wish I came October to see more
    Salmon Cascades image
    Saw many large salmons in the pond area in the mornings and getting ready for the run. A few jumped occasionally. Then we went to do the hike at the sol duc fall and the lover’s lane trail. Came back to the cascade late afternoon around 6 pm and the salmons are at the cascades and jumping up the rapids. It is really amazing to see them jumping up against the direction of the current. It is quite an effort! Many jumped multiple times and I didn’t see any get to the second tier of the cascades. We do need to get down closer to the rapids to see them jump. And rocks blocked view. Some people went to the other side the of the creek and it is much better view from that side. The ranger said that October is the peak season to see the coho salmon run. We are a little early, so we don’t see a run, more like jumps See more..
  16. 4.5 Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary Park (8 reviews)
    - Bring the family, even dogs are allowed there
    Bodies of Water • Nature & Wildlife Areas • Parks • Forests
    Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary Park image
    We've been hiking this wetlands ever since it opened a long time ago. Now there are many trees, all reaching up to get sunlight. It's so relaxing to go there after a hectic day. We went again a couple of days ago, and even though it was a hot day, it was a cooling. On the internal loop - mostly boardwalk- it's intriguing to look into the murky water. There was a contest between the bullfrogs who can be the loudest! Lots of little ducks in the water, too. The outside had lots of salmon berries ready to be picked, but beware of hungry mosquitoes right now. Lots of parking available. Restroom at the parking area. See more..
  17. 5.0 Price Sculpture Forest (6 reviews)
    - Art and the outdoors in the Pacific NW
    Spent < 1 hour Nature & Wildlife Areas • Hiking Trails • Forests
    Price Sculpture Forest image
    Visit Where Art Enhances Nature and Nature Enhances Art. The Sculpture Forest is alive with surprise. Discover sculpture hanging from trees or hidden behind foliage. Experience a fun outdoor museum where you are encouraged to wander the trails, learn about unique art, and be immersed in a century old verdant native habitat. Open every day of the year from 8:00am to 7:00pm or sunset (whichever occurs earlier). No dogs or bikes, please. See more..
  18. 4.5 Grandview Forest Park (5 reviews)
    - Hidden Gem
    Grandview Forest Park image
    I live a block away from this small forest. It's one of my favorite places to walk through. You are truly transported quickly into a lush, beautiful forest while walking on sawdust. It's peaceful and quiet and you can hear a woodpecker hard at work. There are benches placed throughout so that you can sit in solace and take advantage of this little oasis. It's small but mighty! I usually walk part of the Cushman Trail which goes right by this forest, then I walk through the forest, down to the main rain with tremendous water views of Puget Sound and then over to the quaint and charming town of Gig Harbor and around the Harbor, enjoying the majestic views of Mount Rainier, boats, boutique shops, restaurants and parks along the way. It's wonderful! See more..
  19. 4.5 Southwest County Olympic View Park (5 reviews)
    - A Nice Path in the Woods
    Parks • Hiking Trails • Forests
    Southwest County Olympic View Park image
    Southwest County Olympic View Park is a nice path in the woods, north of Edmonds, where you can park and take a peaceful hike, walk or run on trail through the woods. There is not much incline, altitude or difficult terrain. There is parking on Olympic View Drive. It is a nice reprieve from an every growing region. See more..
  20. 4.0 Lewis and Clark State Park (4 reviews)
    - Best Kept Secret I Almost Don't Want to Share
    State Parks • Forests
    We love staying at this campground. We have stayed here twice. It is beautiful, reminds me of the Santa Cruz mountains. It is a moderate rain forest, so sites are surrounded by fir trees, moss, ferns, and are very private. The sites are more private than most car camping we have done. It is also the best kept secret! We usually arrive and have several spots to choose from without a reservation. IN JULY! The bathrooms are great too, and they have showers and electricity in the bathroom to charge the phone. Hopefully this review won't be seen by too many of you! LOL. SSSSHHHHH!!! Don't tell! See more..
  21. 4.5 Squilchuck State Park (4 reviews)
    - A great place to hike/bike/snowshoe in the trees that is close to town.
    State Parks • Forests
    There are over 12 miles of trails for biking and hiking that are intermediate level. Trails are well maintained. It is a great spot in the summer when it is 5-10 degrees cooler than in the valley. In the winter, it is great for snow shoeing and it is being used by fat bikes as well. I highly recommend this area for activities, even just walking - so much better than walking the malls. When you get up in elevation, there are great views. Remember your Discover Pass as it is a state park. See more..
  22. 4.0 Wenaha - Tucannon Wilderness (3 reviews)
    - Back To Nature
    A remote, isolated wilderness: great for camping. See more..
  23. 4.0 Frog Holler Forest (3 reviews)
    - Lovely paths.
    Spent < 1 hour Nature & Wildlife Areas • Hiking Trails • Forests
    Frog Holler Forest image
    Frog Holler is a lovely walking place - trails well-maintained. Lots of fresh air, quiet, and natural surroundings. See more..
  24. 5.0 Thornton Lake Trail (2 reviews)
    - Tough but well worth it
    Spent More than 3 hours Hiking Trails • Forests
    After a heavy snow season trail still has snow on the upper sections. We went to overlook of lake and stop for lunch decided not to cont in snow. But it is passable to lake and people are camping by the lake. Views are spectacular, lake is still mostly frozen and looks very interesting. We talked to people who went to Trappers peak and it is covered with snow but accessible with tracking poles, better with light crampons. Trail is ascending through old forest with lots of roots crossing. See more..
  25. 5.0 Thomas Teasdale Park (2 reviews)
    - This is a nice city park.
    Spent 1-2 hours Parks • Forests
    Thomas Teasdale Park image
    Thomas Teasdale Park is a great city park in Renton with a very large playfield and picnic tables and covered shelter, restrooms, barbecues available for use, day rental use facility, playground area, and baseball/softball field. There is plenty of parking and lots of room to run or walk, tall conifers to rest or read under, birds and squirrels to watch play, and it is near the bus line to walk to as well They have covered inside toilets and the picnic tables are covered as well.There are barbecues right at the picnic area. ADA accessible and has sidewalks. and a drinking fountain. See more..
  26. 5.0 Shinglemill Creek (1 review)
    - Strenuous but Beautiful Hike
    Nature & Wildlife Areas • Hiking Trails • Forests
    Shinglemill Creek image
    Well-maintained, four mile round-trip hike along a creek valley down to the Puget Sound. Path can be steep and slippy in places and it crosses one rural road. Plenty of opportunity to see birds and other wildlife as well as some old growth cedars. There are two trailheads but the NW entrance has very limited parking. Recommend parking at the SE trailhead off of SW 156th St across the street from the Vashon Winery. See more..
  27. 4.0 Agren Memorial Park (1 review)
    - Forest Walk
    Spent < 1 hour Parks • Forests
    Local park with a sports field and some short forest trails. Good walking shoes recommended as the trails can be steep in places. Great place to walk your dog (on leash) and enjoy the peace of the forest. A few minutes drive west of Vashon town center. See more..

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