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Songkhla Province #21 destination in Thailand 2023. The average rating score is 4.02 based on 4.127 traveler reviews, of 92 attractions. Timezone: Asia/Bangkok, current date and time: Friday, April 19, 2024, 13:35.

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  1. 5.0 Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary (9 reviews)
    - Great waterfalls and great adventurous hiking
    Nature & Wildlife Areas
    Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary image
    These waterfalls consist of no less than 17 sections circllng almost around the small mountain. Most people only walk a moderate climb on an easy path to waterfall one or two. The locals use them for swimming or feeding the very abundant fish. We climbed a steep climb to waterfall 3 and 4, sometimes on all fours, up to 300 meters above sea level. That is only for people that are very fit. But the sights are rewarding. See more..
  2. 5.0 Klongdan Floating Market (5 reviews)
    - Good food and good atmosphere.
    Spent 2-3 hours Flea & Street Markets • Farmers Markets
    Klongdan Floating Market image
    Have cheap and delicious food.There is a rowboat for birds to travel, free boating.Watch the local performances of the South, such as Manohra.Worship and the ancient Golden Buddha.Good atmosphere and beautiful natural views. See more..
  3. 5.0 Wat Hua Thanon (4 reviews)
    - Nice and peaceful temple.
    Educational sites
    Wat Hua Thanon image
    Try to stop by this temple halfway from sadao to hadyai for a prayer. Climb up to the top to see the gigantic Buddha Statue and please donate. See more..
  4. 4.5 Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol (158 reviews)
    - Stainless Steel Temple
    Architectural Buildings • Religious Sites
    Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol image
    It is not easy to make one’s way to Phra Maha Chedi Tripob Trimongkol, without prearranged transportation. It is considered far from the city and the winding and narrow road to go up the hill. We were there during day time and it was less people during we were there. We love the upper level stainless steel structures of the pagoda and how the winds blows the chimes and calmness that we experienced there. The murals at the bottom level too are beautiful. It is indeed a special temple because we could rarely see a temple structure using stainless steel. Worth to go when you are in Hat Yai See more..
  5. 4.5 Street Art Songkhla (114 reviews)
    - Very nice steetart
    Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Street Art Songkhla image
    Verry nice to see al the nice streetart. You can walk the streets an be amazed by al the beatiful wall paintings. See more..
  6. 4.5 Namtok Ton Nga Chang (84 reviews)
    - Lovely Thai National Park
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Namtok Ton Nga Chang image
    Just spent a few quiet hours at this national park. Stunning waterfalls, some cheeky monkeys and a chance to feed the fish. We were the first to arrive on a Sunday morning and were greeted by Ranger Nic. Thai guy with amazing English, great advice, and an obvious love of nature. He advised against climbing up too far due to recent rain, which turned out to be really good advice. The hikes up the falls are not a stroll, will require some stamina and strength. We got as far as the 2nd viewing platform. Really lovely and worth the 1/2 hour trip from Hat Yai. See more..
  7. 4.5 Songkhla Old Town (82 reviews)
    - A Trip in the Past
    Spent 1-2 hours Historic Walking Areas • Architectural Buildings
    Songkhla Old Town image
    Old Songkhla is all around you when you walk the streets and quays of the old quarter. There are impressive temples, old buildings and museums and a number of quay side areas where you can get views across the bay and see the ships and boats going about their daily routine. Early morning or late afternoon when it is not too hot is ideal but there are many watering holes where you can partake of a cold drink or ice cream. See more..
  8. 4.5 Songkhla Tae Raek Walking street (33 reviews)
    - Food, fashion and trinkets
    Speciality & Gift Shops
    Songkhla Tae Raek Walking street image
    Songkhla Tae Raek Walking Street is a 450-meter stretch of food, fashion and trinket stalls straddling Thanon Chana in central Songkhla. It has an unrushed, family-friendly vibe and besides the usual night market fare, there are also a few unique hand-made items. There was even a stall selling puppies! It’s an easy place to spend a couple of hours. Besides the walking street itself, some of the stalls also spill over into the adjacent side streets. It’s worth a look if you’re in Songkhla on a Friday or Saturday. It’s open from just before sunset till 10pm. See more..
  9. 4.5 Kho Hong Mountain (21 reviews)
    - So attractive
    Kho Hong Mountain image
    I took the tour to Kho Hong mountain through the hotel I was staying in. We went by car and the day was having a slight gentle rain. It is a beautiful place where you you can enjoy Hat Yai from a high place. In the top there are whirship places with temples. Easily you can see Buddhism, Chinese, and hindosim religions emerge together in different statues. You need comfortable shoes to climb the stairs to different temples. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Hat Yai. See more..
  10. 4.5 Songkhla Central Mosque (19 reviews)
    - Songkhla Central Mosque
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Religious Sites
    Songkhla Central Mosque image
    The Central Mosque iin the Songkhla Province – dubbed Thailand's Taj Mahal. It sits halfway along the main highway connecting Hat Yai and Songkhla city. The modern monument, inspired by classical Mughal architecture, boasts a symmetrical design with a central gold dome atop a large square building flanked by four detached minarets overlooking a large rectangular water feature. See more..
  11. 4.5 Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum (15 reviews)
    - Museum in an University
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Speciality Museums
    Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum image
    It's a natural museum in an university. Contents is well organised & information. Tour guide is available based on schedule. Will easily take 2 hour for the tour See more..
  12. 4.5 Ban Na Korn Nai (14 reviews)
    - Excellent place
    Spent 1-2 hours History Museums
    Ban Na Korn Nai image
    The place reminded me when I was a little boy running back and forth on the old road. Keeping good memory of being in the past with things in the house. Thanks for decoration and the atmosphere of the past. See more..
  13. 4.5 Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang (13 reviews)
    - Wow what a fabulous temple
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Wat Tham Khao Rup Chang image
    Wow as you approach you have a feeling your at an Aztec temple when in fact you can be no further from the truth. This amazing place is well worth the trip. The caves are amazing . Take time and visit, it's worth it. See more..
  14. 4.5 Corner Bier (11 reviews)
    - Great bar
    Friday: 2:00 PM - 12:00 AM Bars & Clubs
    Corner Bier image
    A Scottish run speak-easy bar which attracts Locals, Expats and Oil & Gas workers alike. There is a good selection of cold beers and spirits and the location is great for relaxing and watching the world go by. Thai, Western and Indian food can be delivered by our other business, Oscars Bar & Restaurant which is situated on the same street. See more..
  15. 4.5 Wachira Night Food Market (11 reviews)
    - Night food market,Big variety of food, Resonable price
    Spent 1-2 hours Flea & Street Markets
    Wachira Night Food Market image
    Wachira night food market locate on Talayluang street , Songkhla city, Songkhla province. I certainly like there because there are many food stalls. You can have seafood, noodle, snack, fried chicken, fruits, traditional Thai dishes, etc. There are pretty crowded with local people. I like grilled squid with spicy and sour sauce. Very very hot. See more..
  16. 4.5 The Institute for Southern Thai Studies (8 reviews)
    - The top to learn about southern thai culture!
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    The Institute for Southern Thai Studies image
    Amazing museum in the top of the beautiful island 'Ko Yo' If you like to get out of the beaten path, this museum is perfect. Alone in the museum, you will escape to the usual crowded thai touristic attractions. You will take the time to learn more about the original southern thai culture. With more than 30, 000 artefacts dispersed in many different local buildings, you will also be amazed like i was by the stunning view of the Songkhla lake and its fishing boats. You can even take a rest in your journey and sleep in the beautiful accommodations planned for tourists. Or if you stay for not long you an also just drink a good iced coffee in the museum coffee shop enjoying the calm and the view. The entrance fee is 100 bht for foreigners. It closes only on Tuesday Go for it, it definitely worth it ! See more..
  17. 4.5 Khu Khut Water Fowl Park (7 reviews)
    - Great for bird watching and sunsets
    Nature & Wildlife Areas • Parks
    Khu Khut Water Fowl Park image
    If you're visiting Sathing Phra, don't miss out this place. You can take a boat ride in evening to watch birds and see the sunset! Very beautiful place. You might also spot some locals fishing with harpoons or a long boat style kayak team practicing. See more..
  18. 4.5 Wat Laem Pho (7 reviews)
    - Beautiful Scenery!!!
    Religious Sites
    Wat Laem Pho image
    Nice place to visit;it is beautiful and peaceful. The view is very nice!!!Good place to relax your mind and enjoy the view. See more..
  19. 4.5 Hat Sakom (4 reviews)
    - ดออี ดอร์
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Beaches
    Hat Sakom image
    จัดว่าเด็ดเสล็ดเเต็ด เสร็จหมดสลดตด ตดเเตกเเบกของลองของสองเราเมาคลื่นลื่นล้มงมหอยหมอยดกตกมันยันหวางสางเเจ้ง See more..
  20. 4.5 The Office Bar (4 reviews)
    - A Man's bar
    Bars & Clubs
    The Office Bar image
    An unpretentious place for men to meet and drink. A typical male watering hole with no aspirations of grandeur. No wine list or gourmet menu. Just good beer, good prices, pub grub. See more..
  21. 4.0 Hat Yai Municipal Park (578 reviews)
    - Good
    Hat Yai Municipal Park image
    Nice view at the top of the mountain . There are few Buddha statues on the mountain . About 20 mins from town area .no entrance fee . However , the road up the hill is quite narrow . Advisable to book a private car to go up rather than take tuk tuk . It closes in the evening around 6pm . Go in evening as it is not so hot and the evening view is amazing . Worth visiting . See more..
  22. 4.0 CentralFestival Hatyai (448 reviews)
    - Trendiest Mall in Town
    Friday: 10:00 AM - 9:30 PM Spent 2-3 hours Shopping Malls
    CentralFestival Hatyai image
    CentralFestival Hatyai is The First-Stop destination to fulfill your wishes where is situated in the middle of Hatyai. Can be conveniently accessed as it is only 3 minutes away from train station, 15 minutes away from the airport and only 1 minute from the bus terminal. Ready to fulfill and entertain customers with modernized goods and services from • over 250 fashion brand-named store, • famous restaurants, • 10 movie theaters of international standard and 1 IMAX 3D theater • Ice-skate arena • “Fun Planet” See more..
  23. 4.0 Golden Mermaid Statue (350 reviews)
    - Right Place, Right Time
    Monuments & Statues
    Golden Mermaid Statue image
    This bronze statue of a mermaid is a prominent symbol and landmark of Songkhla. See more..
  24. 4.0 Asean Trade Bazaar (262 reviews)
    - Great Night Market
    Friday: 5:00 PM - 2:00 AM Flea & Street Markets
    Asean Trade Bazaar image
    also known as Asean Night Market, this place is a great shopping spot! lots of aisles to walk. ‘food court’ on level 2 is a little small but lots of options. there’s limited seatings so either go earlier or much later to avoid the dinner crowd enjoyed my time - it’s one of the bigger night markets in Hat Yai, second to Greenway. both are must-visits. See more..
  25. 4.0 Kim Yong Market (240 reviews)
    - Worth wandering through
    Friday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spent 2-3 hours Flea & Street Markets
    Kim Yong Market image
    This market was packed on a Saturday morning. For a general orientation, fruit vendors are along the south and east sides, on the street outside of the market. The smell of roasting chestnuts here is incredible. On the ground floor you will mostly find clothing, shoes, and snacks of all kinds. The upper floor is mostly vacant, although this is where the electronics are found, along with a few perfume shops. Don't expect anything like Bangkok's electronics markets, but you might want to take a look. True wifi is available at the market, although I didn't try to connect. There are basic toilets (very tiny rooms with just a squat throne) on both levels, maybe worth a pass. See more..
  26. 4.0 Tang Kuan Hill (179 reviews)
    - Highrise white pagoda on the hill overlooking city and sea
    Tang Kuan Hill image
    Best place to see the city from high altitude .thete is cable car to ride without sweat to the top.Be careful about your waiting hosts, monkeys. See more..
  27. 4.0 Wat Hat Yai Nai (156 reviews)
    - A Temple without Wall
    Historic Sites • Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Wat Hat Yai Nai image
    There were not much people there when we arrived, may be it is because it is about 1.00pm. The weather was hot and the sun was shining bright. It is one of the world’s largest reclining Buddha. It is a temple without walls, Wat Hat Yai Nai features massive multi-roof tiers and its intricate exterior design makes it a formidable sight from afar. It gives the appearance of a giant pavillion with pillars and a traditional Thai roof. Some pillars treated with really detailed carvings represents some important elements in their culture. There is a shrine inside the Wat Hat Yai Nai behind the huge reclining Buddha. The details carvings on the outer walls are so beautiful. It is all related to Buddha stories. It is a nice place to visit. We noticed that there are stalls outside the temple that sell fish, snakes, birds and other animals for liberation ceremony. See more..
  28. 4.0 Magic Museum Hatyai by Black Crystal (154 reviews)
    - Hatyai phatthalung trip
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Speciality Museums • Theaters
    Magic Museum Hatyai by Black Crystal image
    Magic show is designed by black crystal who is a magician since he was 5years old. Show perform almost one hour including closeup magic, comedy magic and illusion show.Daily open and show time is 10.00Am, 11.30Am, 01.00Pm and 02.30Pm there is also magic museum zone where exhibit illusion instruments and some science magic tricks See more..
  29. 4.0 Songkhla Lake (122 reviews)
    Bodies of Water
    Songkhla Lake image
    Thailand’s largest inland body of water contains several islands and two important bird sanctuaries. See more..
  30. 4.0 Songkhla Zoo (94 reviews)
    - Songkhla Zoo = Interesting Half Day Visit
    Songkhla Zoo image
    Songkhla Zoo is a nice activity for a family especially with young children. They have a wide variety of animals to see, scattered over very large grounds. You can drive between each station because walking would be very far and especially with hot weather it would be exhausting so we took small breaks in the air conditioning of the car when driving slowly small distances like 150-200m between stations. Shortly after the zoo reopened after covid19 it was free to all visitors but they limited the number of guests who could come in, so it was quite nice and not crowded, for social distancing purposes. In normal circumstances I could imagine that it could get quite full and perhaps not as enjoyable as it was for us. See more..
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