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Rayong Province #19 destination in Thailand 2023. The average rating score is 4.03 based on 5.352 traveler reviews, of 117 attractions. Timezone: Asia/Bangkok, current date and time: Friday, April 19, 2024, 13:58.

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154.0 millimeters
9.9 mph
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  1. 5.0 Olly's Bar (59 reviews)
    - Just awesome
    Spent 2-3 hours Bars & Clubs
    Olly's Bar image
    Cheap and chilled bar located in the heart of Koh samed. Come and have a cold beer or signature cocktail, listen to good music, play chess, cards or any board games we have available. Swap stories with fellow travellers or plan your next adventure. See more..
  2. 5.0 Sabaidee-Bar (20 reviews)
    - Can recommend
    Friday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM Spent More than 3 hours Bars & Clubs
    Sabaidee-Bar image
    This is Sabaidee Bar @ Coffee Welcome to chill out bar relax and drink here .. The best Cocktails ever on this island I think ha ha we have promotions (HAPPY-HOUR) Come and Drink TO BE drank and get Drunk See more..
  3. 4.5 Ao Prao Beach (510 reviews)
    - Soooo beautiful
    Ao Prao Beach image
    Such a beautiful beach with clear water, low water! It lies in a large bay so the water is very still. This is also the only beach on the Island from which you can see the sunset. This beach is where All the more expensive resorts lie, therefore restaurant, beach chairs, etc. are fairly more expensive than the rest of the Island! See more..
  4. 4.5 Tung Prong Thong (96 reviews)
    - Amazing. Must visit
    Tung Prong Thong image
    Thsi is one of the most beautiful walkways and longest ever in my travels. Goes on and on with camouflaged trees all over. See more..
  5. 4.5 Ao Wai (96 reviews)
    - Very nice small island
    Spent More than 3 hours Beaches
    Ao Wai image
    Small island with white sand beach . Easy to go by ferry or speed boat . Easy to visit from Bangkok with many Public transport 2-3 hours each way (205 baht / ticket / way . There are many small resorts, hotels,local restaurants and bars See more..
  6. 4.5 The King Taksin Shrine (55 reviews)
    - Siam Unification
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    The King Taksin Shrine image
    This week I have friends from Australia staying with me, so it was time to put on my tourist guide hat and show them the sights of Rayong. First call was to the King Taksin Shrine. Taksin the Great, as he is known, was the liberator of Siam from Burmese occupation after the fall of Ayutthaya in 1767, and unified Siam into one nation. He also moved the capital to Thonburi, the present site of Bangkok. There are monuments to Taksin all over Thailand, but he has a special place in the hearts of Rayong and neighbouring Chantaburi Province people because it was here that he regrouped after the fall of Ayutthaya, rebuilt an army, built a fleet of ships and trained the navy, subsequently sailing up the Gulf of Siam and up the Chao Phyra River to vanish the Burmese. See more..
  7. 4.5 Naga Bar (52 reviews)
    - Awesome place
    Spent 1-2 hours Bars & Clubs
    Naga Bar image
    This is a sort of twofer. Awesome place to relax during the day. But then it morphs into a good lively place in the evening. Cheap beer, cheap food. Lovely! See more..
  8. 4.5 Audi Bar (49 reviews)
    - Fantastic!
    Spent 2-3 hours Bars & Clubs
    Audi Bar image
    You get the warmest welcome... Its not more than a small "hole in the wall"... But myself, my friends and my kids (8 and 11) fell in love with the place and The bartender Audi... Card tricks, party tricks... Music... Fantastic. Great guys, lovley atmosphere, Great drinks... You will love it. Dont miss!! See more..
  9. 4.5 Ao Nuan (38 reviews)
    - Beautiful beach
    Friday: 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Beaches
    Ao Nuan image
    A beautiful beach that is difficult to access. I found it via the foreshore path that weaves its away around the coast, sometimes rather precariously. A very quiet place but it is worth the effort to access this travel brochure beach. See more..
  10. 4.5 Khao Chamao Waterfall (35 reviews)
    - Wonderful place but need to have fitness level.
    Khao Chamao Waterfall image
    I would recommend that you go early in morning because humidity is intense. Wear good walking shoes, bring loads of drinking water and camera to take photos. Road from Kleang is very good after 1st mile. Well signposted 18kms from left turn after tesco lotus in kleang. 200 baht entrance fee for foreigner 60 baht for thai person. 7 levels to place, first three no problem but after that become harder and strenuous. Pulling on ropes etc. Beautiful spot many exotic plants, many fish and the odd snake. Cannot bring food into park check your bag and count how many plastic bottles you take in. Have to sign in sign out. Park closes at 4pm. Could only make to level 6 exhausted. Do not attempt to go here in wet weather slippery rocks and tree roots. But overall a great adventure. See more..
  11. 4.0 Sai Kaew Beach (853 reviews)
    - หาดทรายแก้ว
    Sai Kaew Beach image
    There is fine white sand. Suitable for walking around the sea Chill and relax close to nature There are many accommodation by the sea to choose from. Including fresh seafood restaurants, inexpensive, who are looking for a quiet, private place to go. See more..
  12. 4.0 Koh Samed (555 reviews)
    - December trip
    Koh Samed image
    Koh Samed (Samet) should not be missed, the island is very picturesque, the beaches are amazing, the food was above average and we were surprised at the reasonable prices. The island is not for party people but being a national park it is exceedingly well managed, the entrance fee 200 bhat farang 40 bhat Thai is minimal, do not lose your ticket. Motorbike rental 100 bhat/hour or 300 bhat/day includes fuel. The island is 7km long, not a lot of fuel needed. Will surely visit again. See more..
  13. 4.0 Rayong Aquarium (314 reviews)
    - Great little Aquarium
    Friday: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Aquariums
    Rayong Aquarium image
    The Rayong Aquarium is a great little family stop. The cost was 30 baht per adult including foreigners. It's not as fancy as some other aquariums in Thailand. It has mostly local species, and gives you a good idea what you would see diving locally. See more..
  14. 4.0 Laem Mae Phim Beach (228 reviews)
    - Laem Mae Phim Beach⛱
    Laem Mae Phim Beach image
    Laem Mae Phim Beach in Rayong It is a peaceful beach with no beautiful views. There are many activities such as walking, cycling along the beach road, watching the view, enjoying the sea breeze, playing in the water. I think the water at this beach is the most fun to play. Lae beach is cleaner than other beaches in Rayong. Sit. Chill, relax, take photos, admire the atmosphere, eat fresh seafood. at Laem Mae Phim Beach There is a fresh seafood restaurant. There are many shops to choose from. Relax at a resort with a private beach See more..
  15. 4.0 Mae Ramphueng Beach (168 reviews)
    - Quiet and relaxing
    Spent 2-3 hours Beaches
    Mae Ramphueng Beach image
    Just a typical beach that's is unusually uncrowded!! As with all beaches around the world it is littered with plastic, old shoes etc but this is common place these days. It does look like they have a clean up but the ocean will still throw up the trash that we all discard.. Along the beach you will find food stalls that have sun shades, deck chairs and plenty of designated roadside parking. The water looks surprisingly clean compared to Pattaya. Not many dogs around to, but the one we saw was very friendly. A lot of seafood being sold at the food stalls but with how quiet it is here the seafood will be hit and miss on how fresh it is! My girlfriend took some crabs and they had a mix of old/fresh crabs. At 550b kg prepared it's not expensive and each shop will be different prices. Overall a nice beach to go to if you want that uncrowded feel but still have everything you need for a decent day out. See more..
  16. 4.0 Ao Wong Duean (118 reviews)
    - Quiet, Clean, Relaxing Beach Paradise
    Spent More than 3 hours Beaches
    Ao Wong Duean image
    This is the ultimate relaxation destination. About 0.5 km long, the beach faces East, and everyone seems to get up with the sun and end their days early. There is a national park on the beach, which means the beach stays clean but you pay extra (THB 200) if you stay here. Plenty of resorts, restaurants, Thai massage parlors, and a backstreet with local vendors if the beach prices are too much to handle. An ATM and several minimarts are available for convenience. Definitely would recommend to anyone willing to drive a couple hours out of Bangkok for a getaway from the city! See more..
  17. 4.0 Suphattra Land (111 reviews)
    - Nice place for fun n fruits
    Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Amusement & Theme Parks • Gardens
    Suphattra Land image
    Suphattra Land : Agrotourism in Rayong, Thailand A Fruit paradise on 800 rais (more than 300acres) with over 20 varieties of best tropical fruits. A tramcare will guide you to the most interesting and attractive parts of the orchard. Explore the fruit varieties. Enjoy delicious fresh fruits from the displays or self-pick and sample ripe fruits right from the trees. Open daily from 8.00AM - 5.00PM (No holiday) See more..
  18. 4.0 Mae Ram Phueng Beach (110 reviews)
    - Chill out
    Mae Ram Phueng Beach image
    Chill out on the nice beach. Go to Island Koh Samet and snorkel. Enjoy swimming in Thailands gulf. It is of the beaten tourist tracks and very relaxed. The sea is clean and the beach is sandy. Different attractions around. See more..
  19. 4.0 Ao Phai (84 reviews)
    - Paradise
    Spent 1-2 hours Beaches
    Ao Phai image
    If you like to stay close to paradise this is the place. Close to an awesome beach with beautiful sand. Take snorkeling in corals close to the beach. See more..
  20. 4.0 Seang Chan Beach (82 reviews)
    - Real local beach with many possibilities to have dinner
    Seang Chan Beach image
    Typical local beach, during the weekend day many families use this beach to relax swimming and picnic. In late afternoon the local restaurants are built up and many possibilities to enjoy local food on the beach. Convenient, nice. Less farang but best place to enjoy an evening atmosphere in real Thailand. Unfortunately the beach is not always clean. Rayong municipality should pay more attention. Several times also companies take initiative to clean this beach. Very popular at local community. See more..
  21. 4.0 Khao Laem Ya National Park (81 reviews)
    - Monkey National Park
    National Parks
    Khao Laem Ya National Park image
    Just small climb from Rayong beach on asphalt road, you can visit park with long tail macaques. There is camping ⛺️ at the border of park and you hike or visit monkey forest See more..
  22. 4.0 Yom Jinda Road (Old Town Rayong) (76 reviews)
    - Not much.
    Spent 1-2 hours Neighborhoods • Architectural Buildings
    Yom Jinda Road (Old Town Rayong) image
    Not much happens on this short street called the old town. Nice to walk by though. One good beer bar with only expensive imported beer, and on some small typical old restaurants with good food and priceworthy. See more..
  23. 4.0 Central Plaza Rayong (69 reviews)
    - Best mall in Rayong
    Department Stores • Shopping Malls
    Central Plaza Rayong image
    Central rayong branch is the best malls in town. With everything you need such as restuarants, shopping or Bank. Huge parking lots but not enough for weekend. Opposite Big C department and on main road no. 36 See more..
  24. 4.0 Eastern Star Golf Club (53 reviews)
    - Friendly place
    Golf Courses
    Eastern Star Golf Club image
    Love this place. Going there this year for third time. Golf course in good shape, available two pools, restaurant with friendly staff. Beach few minutes by car. See more..
  25. 4.0 Star Fresh Market (50 reviews)
    - On the Tourist Itinerary
    Spent 1-2 hours Flea & Street Markets • Farmers Markets
    Star Fresh Market image
    The famous local fresh market of over 1600 local stalls ranging from fresh seafood to seasonal fruits. See more..
  26. 4.0 Ao Tubtim (46 reviews)
    - Nice beach
    Spent 2-3 hours Beaches
    Ao Tubtim image
    When I was here the last time, the were an ugly pier being built. Happy to see that the pier is gone and that the beach is restored to its former glory. Great beach with a couple of bars and restaurants.P and not to forget Tubtim resort. See more..
  27. 4.0 Wat Pa Pradu (46 reviews)
    - Amazing Temple in the middle of the town.
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Wat Pa Pradu image
    Another very well looked after temple. The site has many buildings and a must do is the walk around the shrine as you walk around the building you hit the bells as you pass bye. Thsi is a very nice place to visit. See more..
  28. 4.0 Ao Cho (45 reviews)
    - First trip after COVID-19 lock down
    Spent More than 3 hours Beaches
    Ao Cho image
    Have been to Samed almost every years for the last 20 years . Still never been disappointed especially after its been locked down from COVID-19 , the ocean and the beach are clean, lots of alive coral and full of fish See more..
  29. 4.0 Rayong Botanical Garden (41 reviews)
    - Excellent guided tour
    Rayong Botanical Garden image
    While a visit to the botanical garden itself is educational, to me the main attraction is the boat trip around the nearby wetlands. The fare includes boat driver and guide and lasts roughly an hour. Depending on season, you will see lots of migrant birds or flowering water lilies. See more..
  30. 4.0 Ban Phe Market (40 reviews)
    - Great food and entertainment
    Spent 2-3 hours Farmers Markets
    Ban Phe Market image
    Lots of different foods to try from fresh lobsters to stuff on a stick. Prices to suit any budget. Try a little of everything! We sat at a table by a very entertaining solo guitar player who sang American classic rock. Don't forget to try coconut icecream and if you're bold enough try the insects. They're really good! Bamboo worms and grasshoppers were my favorite. See more..
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