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Nakhon Pathom Province #27 destination in Thailand 2023. The average rating score is 4.27 based on 2.104 traveler reviews, of 63 attractions. Timezone: Asia/Bangkok, current date and time: Sunday, March 03, 2024, 16:35.

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  1. 5.0 Woodland Muangmai (185 reviews)
    - Stunning place
    Sunday: 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM Spent 2-3 hours Speciality Museums
    Woodland Muangmai image
    We had the resort almost to ourselves as it was off season and it was great. Stunning surroundings and wood carvings every where you look. Staff were helpful and friendly, meals were delicious. Make the effort and get to this one. You will not be disappointed. See more..
  2. 5.0 Wat Sisa Thong (Wat Phra Rahoo) (6 reviews)
    - วัดศีรษะทอง
    Spent 1-2 hours Religious Sites
    Wat Sisa Thong (Wat Phra Rahoo) image
    Wat Si Sa Thong is a beautiful and shady temple with beautiful architecture as well. The highlight of the temple is the large Rahu Buddha image to worship. and there is also an ubosot that is decorated with beautiful patterns as well See more..
  3. 5.0 Prince Mahidol Hall (5 reviews)
    - Magnificent venue
    Spent 2-3 hours Concerts
    Prince Mahidol Hall image
    As a first time visitor I was impressed by this magnificent venue. Its setting is the vast and leafy Mahidol University. The layout is state of the art. The ambience and acoustics were just brilliant. Amadeus Live performed by the Thai philharmonic orchestra and choir was world class! Although it’s is not in central BKK there is easy access by car. If taking public transport - shuttle bus connections from Salaya BTS has a drop off point just outside the hall. See more..
  4. 5.0 Ancient City of Kamphaeng Saen (4 reviews)
    - ถนนสายชมพูพันธ์ทิพย์ ซากุระเมืองไทย ที่ม.เกษตรศาสตร์ กำแพงแสน
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Ancient City of Kamphaeng Saen image
    ใน 1 ปี จะมีเพียง 1 สัปดาห์ ที่ดอกชมพูพันธ์ทิพย์จะบาน ในปี 2560 นี้ ระหว่างวันที่ 5 - 11 เมษายน เห็นภาพข่าว เลยได้จัดไปในวันรุ่งขึ้น ส่วยงามจริงๆ ระหว่างทางไป 2 ข้างถนน เต็มไปด้วยดอกคูณสีเหลือง อร่าม ตลอดทาง แม้แต่ในมหาลัย ข้างๆ ถนนชมพูพันธ์ทิพย์ ต้นคูณ สีเหลืองทั้งต้นก็พยายามแข่งกับ สีชมพูของชมพูพันธ์ทิพย์ ลองดูครับถ้าปีนี้ไม่ทัน ปีหน้าลองหาโอกาสไปดูครับ สวยจริงครับ See more..
  5. 5.0 Talanda Massage & Relax Salaya (4 reviews)
    - Great place
    Sunday: 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM Spent More than 3 hours Spas
    Talanda Massage & Relax Salaya image
    At Talanda Massage & Relax, we believe everyone could get quality massage and spa treatment at affordable price. With our friendly and experienced staffs, you can expect a wonderful service and professional. Located right opposite of Mahidol University, we decorated our place for our guests to feel like they are inside a calm and peaceful garden. See more..
  6. 5.0 Wat Don Wai (2 reviews)
    Religious Sites
    Wat Don Wai image
    See more..
  7. 5.0 Naisuanmarket (2 reviews)
    - Great food and low price
    Sunday: 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Farms
    Naisuanmarket image
    There are a lot of fresh product and cheap price. All of product from farmer in local area. A really interesting insight to Thai food See more..
  8. 5.0 Wat Maisupradittharam (2 reviews)
    - go make merit with friends
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Religious Sites
    Wat Maisupradittharam image
    Worship, make merit with a beautiful design. There is a raft with food for sale to sit and eat in the back of the temple. Whoever comes to make merit, recommend this temple See more..
  9. 5.0 Baam Fitness Nakhonpathom (1 review)
    - คาเฟ่ น่าสนใจ
    Sunday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM Health Clubs
    I will come to acne, a new place in Nakhon Pathom. Located at the aircraft market called NIAGARA N GARDEN is an airplane cafe. A lot of places to take photos, beautiful views, delicious food. There are many different types of water. It's very popular lately. It's very nice. I went. I was most impressed. But during this time there will be a lot of people. I want you to try it. Thank you. See more..
  10. 5.0 Preda Garden Home (1 review)
    - Amazing hideaway, unique and very interesting & exclusive activity in an "oasis"!
    Preda Garden Home is an amazing place for "hideaway". It can also be a place to enjoy a day with your family, or to hang out with your friends. It is where you can find a very nice animal farm, a huge peaceful garden with lotus ponds and animals wandering around, as well as various good restaurants and shops. They also provide special, fun-filled activities in a serene environment only for you and your loved ones! My family and I went there for lunch, followed by an exclusive activity named "Away Somewhere Floating Picnic", to celebrate my birthday. I think it's a fantastic and impressive experience which I have never seen it elsewhere. They provide a big, round inflatable raft in the lotus pond, nicely set up with pillows, cushions and a very good-looking picnic basket with juices and a wide variety of snacks. Then the whole pond is yours! Only you and your family or your loved one(s) will be floating and enjoying your picnic in that quiet pond. You will be surrounded by thousands of lotus leaves and flocks of very cute white ducks swimming around. It's very lovely and romantic to relax, enjoy your snacks and have a good time in such a natural environment. The photos of your memorable moment will be captured by drone. This is highly recommended, esp for your special occasions! See more..
  11. 5.0 บ้านสวนปรีดา (1 review)
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    See more..
  12. 5.0 Wat Sawang Arom (1 review)
    - กราบสักการะสิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์
    Religious Sites
    Wat Sawang Arom image
    ..."วัดสว่างอารมณ์" (วัดแคแถว)​ : วัดที่ได้รับการพัฒนาอย่างต่อเนื่องโดย ท่านเจ้าอาวาส พระครูยติธรรมานุยุต หรือหลวงพ่อแป๊ะ เกจิอาจารย์ผู้เปี่ยมด้วยบารมีธรรม และพระนักพัฒนาผู้เปี่ยมด้วยเมตตา.
    ภายในวัดงดงามร่มรื่นด้วยสวนสุขภาพ ไม้นานาพันธุ์ บึงบัวและเรือตังเก คือจุดถ่ายรูป พักผ่อนของสมาชิกทุกวัยในครอบครัว.
    จุดสักการะสิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์สำคัญภายในวัด ประกอบด้วย.
    *ขอโชคลาภ อ่างน้ำมนต์ตาทองงิ้วราย
    *สักการะพระตีมูรติ สักการะองค์เทพ
    *ขอพรโชคลาภ กุมารจุกดำ, กุมารน้องเก้า
    *วัดแห่งนี้ยังเป็นวัดแรกในภาคกลาง ที่ผู้มีจิตศรัทธาสามารถขอพร ไอ้ไข่" ซึ่งทางพระครูพุทธะเจติยาภิมนต์ หรือ พระอาจารย์แว่น เจ้าอาวาสวัดเจดีย์ อ.สิชล จ.นครศรีธรรมราช ได้มอบ "ไอ้ไข่" หุ่นปั้นปูนผสมผงพุทธคุณ 108 หล่อแบบโบราณตามแบบฉบับของภาคใต้โดยมอบให้หลวงพ่อแป๊ะ นำมาประดิษฐานที่วัด เพื่อให้ประชาชนได้กราบขอพร.
    ... แม้ทุกชีวิตจะถูกกำหนดจากการกระทำทั้งชั่ว/ดีของแต่ละบุคคล แต่การกราบขอพรสิ่งศักดิ์สิทธิ์ควบคู่กับการมุ่งมั่นทำความดี และประกอบกิจสุจริตชอบ ผู้รีวิวหวังเป็นอย่างยิ่งว่าสิ่งศักดิ์สทธิ์ย่อมประทานพรให้ทุกท่านได้สมดั่งปรารถนา.
    See more..
  13. 4.5 Wat Phra Pathom Chedi (419 reviews)
    - Wat Phra Pathom Chedi is huge and very beautiful.
    Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Spent < 1 hour Points of Interest & Landmarks • Religious Sites
    Wat Phra Pathom Chedi image
    This 6th-century temple is the largest in the world. See more..
  14. 4.5 Sanam Chandra Palace (135 reviews)
    - Sanam chan palace
    Speciality Museums • Historic Sites • Architectural Buildings
    Sanam Chandra Palace image
    Sanam Chan Palace is an important place for the people of Nakhon Pathom. It is one of the monuments in Nakhon Pathom Province. The interior is still decorated like in the past, it is beautiful, the atmosphere inside is shady, comfortable, has privacy and still maintains. traditional but ancient See more..
  15. 4.5 Don Wai Market (92 reviews)
    - Amazing Riverside Market!
    Flea & Street Markets
    Don Wai Market image
    The Don Wai Market is well organized by Wat Don Wai. We took the one hour boat tour. We bought food at the market to have lunch on the boat. The fish is swimming by the restaurants. Don Wai Market is huge. See more..
  16. 4.5 Wat Samphran (80 reviews)
    - Interesting place with several interesting attractions :)
    Architectural Buildings • Religious Sites
    Wat Samphran image
    The main highlight is the dragon temple. It is open daily 8 to 5pm for you to go up through the dragon's belly to the top. It takes about 5 minutes to reach the top. You need to take off your shoes. You can leave your socks on. There are some nuns at the top who can speak reasonably good English. Donations are optional. Besides the dragon temple, there are also other sights nearby. There are also some food stalls outside at the entrance. To get here, I took the train to Lak Song MRT, the nearest station to Wat Samphran. Then, I took bus 84 (22 THB) from there until the nearest bus stop (Soi Wi Patchara Chiam Phatthana) (refer to attached photos) . After alighting, wait and board a blue songtheow (pick up truck ferying passengers) (8 THB) which will bring you to opposite the entrance of Wat Samphran grounds. On the return, board the blue songtheow at the entrance and alight opposite the bus 84 stop earlier. Take bus 84 back to Lak Song MRT. See more..
  17. 4.5 Wat Rai Khing (79 reviews)
    - Nice and well organized!
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Wat Rai Khing image
    Wat Rai Khing is riverside and very popular for Thais. Thais like to make wishes for good lucks. The temple is nice and well organized. We prayed at the main hall. We also went to feed fish at the back. See more..
  18. 4.5 Jesada Technik Museum (79 reviews)
    - Hard to find location but worth the journey
    Speciality Museums
    Jesada Technik Museum image
    Took us a while to find the place and it was totally worth it if you are a car fanatic. The sheer number of three wheels cars are unseen of. Vintage firetruck, milk vans and even a Ford Mustang. Though the place is covered, expect to sweat buckets under the sweltering heat. Given that there is no tourists, we almost have the whole place to ourselves on a weekday. A must-go! See more..
  19. 4.5 Phutthamonthon (71 reviews)
    - Group work with friends at Phutthamonthon Park
    Sunday: 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM Parks • Religious Sites • Monuments & Statues
    Phutthamonthon image
    That day was the first time we went to work in a group together with everyone at Phutthamonthon Park. That day was the day we had to go to work for a group to write a script to send teachers. We made an appointment to go to Phutthamonthon Park and waited for the car for a long time before coming. But when we got there, we walked inside until it was almost noon. then walked to the restaurant to buy papaya salad to sit and eat That day was very happy, friends were all together in front of everyone. We sat and talked after the script was finished recording. When finished eating and doing anything, they dispersed and went home. See more..
  20. 4.5 Human Imagery Museum (60 reviews)
    - Thai Human Imagery Museum
    Speciality Museums
    Human Imagery Museum image
    Thai Human Imagery Museum. Inside exhibits wax figures of important people in Thailand's main institutions that are the center of the hearts of Thai people throughout the nation. King, noble monks, as well as telling stories about the way of life, art, culture, history and events National importance through wax figures representing history and including important figures of the world. Marvel at the realism reflected in the wax pieces that showcase the skill of Thai craftsmen. The atmosphere is quiet, the exhibition room is well lit and the text is clearly explained. The area has a food-drink service station and a souvenir shop. See more..
  21. 4.5 Nikanti Golf Club (58 reviews)
    - Fantastic Golf Course
    Sunday: 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM Spent More than 3 hours Golf Courses
    Nikanti Golf Club image
    Just 35 kilometers west of Bangkok, Nikanti is perhaps Asia’s first 18-hole, par-72 course comprising three six-hole layouts, each individual layout consisting of two par threes, two par fours and two par fives. The design allows for starts at three different points on the course in addition to flexibility in number of holes played. At no other destination in Asia can be found such a truly distinctive all-inclusive golf experience. From tee to green - as well as from chef's kitchen to dining table and during exceptional private events - Nikanti Golf Club aces every pleasure. See more..
  22. 4.5 Dubua Cafe (14 reviews)
    - Cafe Du Bua
    Spent 2-3 hours Farms
    Dubua Cafe image
    Cafe Du Bua, Nakhon Pathom Province It's a beautiful cafe with slippery umbrellas, cute animals, delicious food, and bike rides around the cafe. many restaurants There is a water boat to ride. There are photo angles in every corner. It's a cafe near Bangkok. Drive a single car It's like traveling to a distant country. See more..
  23. 4.5 Film Archive (11 reviews)
    - Thai film archive
    Speciality Museums
    Film Archive image
    Thai film archive is the only one museum that include the things about Thai film from the past to the present for teenagers to study. There are the shows in the film archive about story of Thai film. The interesting in Thai film archive is inside the museum there are city’s models of history. It named Maya city. The outside exhibition include the important place in history of Thai film and world film such as Mongkhon company, Cinema station, Kinetoscope shop and Grand Cafe. The Thai film archive in part of Maya city is open everyday and free. You can take a photo and walk around to see the exhibition. See more..
  24. 4.5 Red Lotus Floating Market (11 reviews)
    - Their specialty dishes include Miang Bua
    Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Red Lotus Floating Market image
    visitors can take a boat service to tour the large pond and get up close with the vibrant water plants and visiting birds. This activity is best in the morning or late afternoon when it is not as hot. You can also opt for a drone service that will take arial photos for 40 baht per picture or 250 baht. true Thai style, dining options abound. Shops selling food The cosy Red Lotus Café near the market’s entrance features a dining terrace by the lotus pond. Their specialty dishes include Miang Bua, a variation of the traditional Miang Kham. See more..
  25. 4.5 Wat Klang Bang Kaew (11 reviews)
    - Wat Phra Kaew
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Wat Klang Bang Kaew image
    One of the biggest and more interesting temples in Bangkok. Wat Phra Kaew. And not only for architecture reasons. See more..
  26. 4.5 Watpa Pathomchai (3 reviews)
    - งานฝังลูกนิมิต วัดป่าปฐมชัย
    Spent 1-2 hours Religious Sites
    Watpa Pathomchai image
    เหมาะสำหรับผู้ที่ชอบปฏิบัติธรรม งานฝังลูกนิมิต 10-12 มิ.ย. 2559
    มีพระป่ากรรมฐาน 100 องค์ มารับบาต ในงาน ใครที่สนใจสามารถไปร่วมงานได้
    รอวันงานแล้วจะเอารูปมาฝากนะค่ะ จขกท. ออกร้านน้ำผลไม้กับเพื่อน ค่ะเฉพาะวันเสาร์ที่ 11 มิ.ย.
    เท่านั้น ผู้ใดสนใจสามารถ มาร่วมงานได้นะค่ะ
    See more..
  27. 4.0 Wat Lam Phaya Floating Market (111 reviews)
    - Past Story
    Sunday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Flea & Street Markets
    Wat Lam Phaya Floating Market image
    Lam Phaya Floating Market I go often, but in the past I went with my boyfriend. Go for delicious food with both vegetables and fruits and various food The most impressive thing is go on a tourist boat The distance is not very far, about 2 kilometers. You can buy food and eat on the boat. That day I bought grilled shrimp, papaya salad and a few snacks. Take a boat to cruise along the Tha Chin River continuously. Visit Ban Tian and went to pay homage to the Buddha image at Wat Bang Phra It's a very impressive feeling. If the Covid-19 situation disappears, I want everyone to come and visit here. So happy. See more..
  28. 4.0 Wat Bang Phra Temple (80 reviews)
    - Not a tourist spot, but travel here to explore and understand more
    Religious Sites
    Wat Bang Phra Temple image
    finally visited this place after some time, took a Grab, I was kinda lucky to get one actually. Car ride there from central BKK is about an hour, the driver had to stopped for petrol even. Large place with lots of interesting idols, central place for the famous Sak Yant, even saw 1 in progress even though it was a weekday. If your ride stops you at the carpark, remember to head inside where the main buildings are. Do your research and you will know that the real monks here wont approach you, IYKWIM. Another impt note is that, theres absolutely no English here, everything in Thai. Only the lady at the counter uds a little English and can point to you where you want to go. Good place to be around if you are interested in Buddhism See more..
  29. 4.0 Don Wai Riverside Market (73 reviews)
    - Expanded and good to visit
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Don Wai Riverside Market image
    If you are looking at traditional and liking traditional cuisine and food. Do drop by Don wai floating market. Great selection of choices for fruits and local dessert . Very traditional . You would love it there and the drive is less then 1 hour 30 mins . The stall spacing has change and bigger walking area . See more..
  30. 4.0 Wat Klang Bang Phra (13 reviews)
    - Great Buddhist Temple
    Religious Sites
    Wat Klang Bang Phra image
    Went to this place after visiting Luang Por Pern (Wat Bang Phra). Short distance from there only. Buddha statue is magnificient and perch on the top of the steps. Nice photo area too with sun below buddha. You can write your name on a metal plate and leave it inside the bottom area of the buddha statue. Many people come here to worship and my wishes are granted (good wishes of course). Highly recommended for buddhist lover. See more..
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