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A true melting pot of cultures, Singapore has many personas. The people who live here are predominantly a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Western influences. Each neighborhood offers a distinct atmosphere and cultural experience, but all are easy to explore and safe for all kinds of visitors. Wander through Singapore’s colorful and vibrant neighborhoods—there’s more to this city than meets the tourist’s eye.

Singapore #1 destination in Singapore 2023. The average rating score is 4.39 based on 334.6k traveler reviews, of 118 attractions. Timezone: Asia/Singapore, current date and time: Saturday, December 09, 2023, 13:34.

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Wed May 17 2023 at 08:00 pm to Wed Dec 13 2023 at 10:00 pm True Dating Stories - Singapore with Deepak Chandran Singapore SGD 50 Comedy
Sat Jun 03 2023 at 09:00 am to Sat May 11 2024 at 06:00 pm (GMT+08:00) Mobile Videography and Video Editing upto, 70% SSG funding 手机视频摄影和视频编辑, 70% Singapore Free Photography
Thu Jun 29 2023 at 01:00 pm to Thu Jan 18 2024 at 03:30 pm (GMT+08:00) Outdoor Urban Landscape Sketching Course Singapore SGD 260 Fine Arts
Fri Dec 08 2023 at 10:00 am to Sun Dec 10 2023 at 05:00 pm (GMT+08:00) 2023 International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Application Singapore USD 580 Literary Art
Sat Dec 09 2023 at 09:00 am to Mon Dec 11 2023 at 05:00 pm (GMT+08:00) Effective Liquidity Risk Management Singapore SGD 2.7k Fine Arts
Sun Dec 10 2023 at 09:00 am to Tue Dec 12 2023 at 05:00 pm (GMT+08:00) Operational Risk Management Course Singapore SGD 2.7k Fine Arts
Thu Dec 14 2023 at 02:00 am 2023 Asia-Pacific Conference on Economics and Finance ‘LIVE’ Singapore Trips & Adventures
Mon Jan 01 2024 at 12:00 pm Story Party Singapore | True Dating Stories Singapore Comedy
Fri Feb 23 2024 at 09:00 pm to Sun Feb 25 2024 at 06:00 am (GMT+08:00) 2024 8th International Conference on Machine Vision and Information Technol Singapore USD 650 Photography
Sat Mar 02 2024 at 10:00 am to 06:00 pm (GMT+08:00) Traders Fair 2024 - Singapore, 2 MARCH (Financial Education Event) Singapore Starts at USD 0 Festivals
Wed Mar 20 2024 at 10:00 am to Fri Mar 22 2024 at 06:00 pm Print Pack + Sign Fair 2024 Singapore Free Festivals
Wed Mar 20 2024 at 10:00 am to Fri Mar 22 2024 at 06:00 pm (GMT+08:00) Print Pack + Sign Fair 2024 Singapore Free Festivals
Wed Mar 20 2024 at 10:00 am to Fri Mar 22 2024 at 06:00 pm (GMT+08:00) Singapore Gifts and Premiums Fair Singapore Free Festivals

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  1. 5.0 Battlebox (2.576 reviews) from $15.60
    - Gem in my backyard!
    Saturday: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Spent 1-2 hours Military Museums • Historic Sites
    Battlebox image
    A former underground command centre in Fort Canning Hill, the Battlebox was part of the Malaya Command Headquarters during World War II. It was here that Lt-Gen Percival made the fateful decision to surrender Singapore to the Japanese on 15 February 1942. Journey back in time to 1942 and discover the true causes of the Fall of Singapore and learn how an underground command centre functioned during the war. See more..
  2. 5.0 Flight Experience (1.021 reviews)
    - Better Experience than Singapore Flyer
    Saturday: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM Spent < 1 hour Game & Entertainment Centers
    Flight Experience image
    FIRST IN ASIA - REAL FLIGHT SIMULATOR FOR THE PUBLIC! Welcome to the Captain's Seat! Prepare yourself for the trip of a lifetime. Based on the world's most popular aircraft the BOEING 737-800NG - This is your opportunity to fly a real flight simulator, normally reserved for the exclusive training of professional pilots. You will be in control from take-off to touchdown with as much, or as little guidance as you wish, from our fully trained instructors (all qualified commercial pilots). With more than 20,000 worldwide airports, 180-degree curved screen, the very latest High Definition (HD) Visual System (6,000,000 pixels!), CASA approval and licensed by Boeing - this is as real as it gets! We'll look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon! See more..
  3. 4.5 Gardens by the Bay (60.0k reviews) from $8.36
    - Don't miss it
    Saturday: 5:00 AM - 2:00 AM Spent More than 3 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Gardens
    Gardens by the Bay image
    An integral part of Singapore's "City in a Garden" vision, Gardens by the Bay spans a total of 101 hectares of prime land at the heart of Singapore's new downtown - Marina Bay. Comprising three waterfront gardens - Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central - Gardens by the Bay will be a showcase of horticulture and garden artistry that will bring the world of plants to Singapore and present Singapore to the World. See more..
  4. 4.5 Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) (24.3k reviews)
    - Super convenient MRT subway
    Spent < 1 hour Public Transportation Systems
    Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) image
    Excellent subway system. Its possible to explore Singapore on your own with super efficient MRT subway railway system. Its everywhere. small trains usually of 5-6 compartments, short stations, actual rapid transport. Frequency is such, that I don't remember waiting for more than 5 minutes for a train. Usually waiting time is 3 minutes or less. The Singapore pass (SGD 38 for 3 days unlimited) is not available at all stations. We tried to get it. Instead we bought EZ Link card and use to load it with cash at ATM like kiosk machines, available at all stations. They say it works on buses too. We used it on bus, couple of times, however on one bus out of three cards (family) only two worked and the driver was not helpful in this situation and was in fact arrogant telling us that the card doesn't have balance. The card had SGD 10 balance, when we checked at MRT station. Anyway MRT subway is best way to get around Singapore. See more..
  5. 4.5 Singapore Zoo (22.5k reviews) from $40.16
    - Bring your own food to enjoy a day at this zoo.
    Saturday: 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM Spent More than 3 hours Zoos
    Singapore Zoo image
    Set in a rainforest environment, Singapore Zoo is home to over 2,800 animals from over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles. The park also boasts the world's first free-ranging orang utan habitat in a zoo. Delight in an exciting outdoor feast at Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife, an internationally acclaimed, award-winning programme that offers exhilarating experience with orangutans. The fun is endless with interesting animal presentations, photography with animals and more! See more..
  6. 4.5 Singapore Botanic Gardens (19.9k reviews)
    - Orchid house magnificent
    Saturday: 5:00 AM - 12:00 AM Spent 1-2 hours Parks • Gardens
    Singapore Botanic Gardens image
    This national park is open daily and features beautiful lakes, animals, flowers and plants, including one of the region's first rubber tree orchards. See more..
  7. 4.5 Singapore Flyer (17.4k reviews)
    - A must
    Temporarily closed - Closed until Apr 2, 2023 Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Observation Decks & Towers
    Singapore Flyer image
    At 165 metres tall, Singapore Flyer is a masterpiece of urban architecture and engineering that showcases not only the mesmerizing cosmopolitan cityscape of the tropical Lion City, but even the surrounding islands of Indonesia and parts of Malaysia in all their glory. In addition to offering panoramic views of Singapore's cosmopolitan cityscape, guests can also indulge in a flute of champagne, or savour the iconic Singapore Sling whilst hosted in a special themed capsule. Diners seeking both privacy and luxury can opt for a multi-sensory treat unlike any other with our Premium Sky Dining Flight, complete with a four-course dinner and an in-flight host. See more..
  8. 4.5 Sands Skypark Observation Deck (16.9k reviews) from $19.01
    - One of those things you must do in Singapore
    Saturday: 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Observation Decks & Towers
    Sands Skypark Observation Deck image
    Located on the roof of Marina Bay Sands, the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck boasts scenic views of the panoramic vistas of Marina Bay and Singapore’s world-class cityscape. See more..
  9. 4.5 Cloud Forest (15.1k reviews) from $11.40
    - Beautiful
    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Spent 2-3 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Parks • Gardens
    Cloud Forest image
    We visited in June 2022 and booked tickets online which we recommend doing to avoid the queues. The cloud forest is amazing and highly recommend. We visited in the evening as we were going to the SuperTrees after but the cloud forest would be just as good during the day as the evening. See more..
  10. 4.5 National Orchid Garden (13.9k reviews) from $7.90
    - Unique Gardens
    Saturday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM Gardens
    National Orchid Garden image
    Set within the Botanic Gardens and subject to a separate fee is the orchard garden which was abounding in beautiful flowering plants, some of which we recognised such as the bird of paradise. The star of the show is the extensive range of beautiful orchids. There were a couple of sculptures here including some small fountains and some large bees. We greatly enjoyed the coolhouse. This simulated a mountainous environment which made it a pleasant reprieve from the warmth and humidity outside. This climate produced some unusual orchids including carnivorous plants and delicate ones like the Princess Shoe. Highly worth a visit. See more..
  11. 4.5 Marina Bay (13.1k reviews)
    - Great atmosphere
    Marinas • Bodies of Water
    Marina Bay image
    We spent a couple of days exploring the Marina Bay precinct by day and night. It offers unlimited options for dining and shopping. We walked the entire bay area although it was hot during the day and opted to spend the heat of the day inside the Marina Bay Shoppes which offer everything from $3 noodles to Hermes. The highlight here is by night when the Bay area is alight with colour and activity. We started our walk from Fullerton 1 past the Merlion and across the Helix Bridge to watch the nightly coloured fountains set to music. You can board a bum boat and view the lights and city from the water. There are shows here a couple of times a night. We found the area vibrant and a hive of activity and a great day/night out exploring. See more..
  12. 4.5 Flower Dome (6.543 reviews) from $11.40
    - A must see in Singapore, especially in a hot day
    Spent 2-3 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Parks • Gardens
    Flower Dome image
    Step into the Flower Dome and you'll be standing in awe of nature. Spectacular and innovative in design, it is one of the icons of Bay South Garden. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy. Home to a collection of plants from deserts all over the world, it showcases the adaptations of plants to arid environments. Stop and smell the flowers in the colourful changing displays of the Flower Field, which reflects different seasons, festivals and themes. See more..
  13. 4.5 Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (6.461 reviews)
    - Beautiful red temple
    Saturday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spent < 1 hour Speciality Museums • Religious Sites
    Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum image
    The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum (BTRTM) was founded in 2002 by Venerable Shi Fazhao. It was registered by the Registrar of Societies in 20th February 2003, and as a charity under the Charities Act in 8th January 2004. The Temple is dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha, which means 'The Compassionate One', and also called 'The Future Buddha'. (A)WEEKLY FREE GUIDED TOUR: BTRTM is pleased to offer a 1 1/2 - 2 hrs long guided tour of the Temple every Saturdays at 2pm. The tour will be conducted free-of-charge in English by the temple's Volunteers guides. Limited slots are available per weekly session. Confirmed registration is based on first-come-first-serve basis. (B)DISCOVERING BUDDHISM: Shakyanmuni Buddha had gained insight into the truth, perfected the qualities of wisdom and compassion over 2560 years ago. His teachings develops clarity in minds, enables abilities to end suffering and finds lasting happiness. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is carrying on the mission in offering "Discovering Buddhism' programme. 'Discovering Buddhism' is a specially designed programme for participants to gain experiential taste of Chinese Mahayana Buddhist etiquette, Basic Buddhist teachings and Basic Meditation within a day. This English taught programme is suitable for both tourists who wish to learn more about Buddhism and experienced learners who needs a refresher. Participants will benefit from the interactive and engaging teaching led by Venerable Wu Xiang and Venerable Ru Zhi who have more than a decade experience teaching Buddhism and Meditation in different cultural settings! [Chinese Mahayana Buddhist Etiquette] Buddhist etiquette is an important part of every Buddhist life. It expresses religious sentiments to the Buddha, the Teacher (Monk or Nun) and promotes gracefulness in social interactions. This is also a mean of training in mindfulness in every action one is taking. [Basic Buddhist teachings] Buddhism has been transmitted over the past centuries because of its ... See more..
  14. 4.5 Supertree Grove (6.050 reviews)
    - Beautiful lights!
    Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Observatories & Planetariums
    Supertree Grove image
    I came here an hour before the night show. People saved their space to sit, some were on the ground as they lay back to view the beautiful lights. It took only 15 minutes for this show, and another show 30 minutes after the first one. This is one spectacular show no one should missed. Just bring a blanket to lie on, food and drinks and enjoy the show. See more..
  15. 4.5 Jurong Bird Park (5.242 reviews)
    - Perfectly managed bird park
    Temporarily closed - Closed until further notice Spent 2-3 hours Nature & Wildlife Areas
    Jurong Bird Park image
    Fly in to Asia's largest bird paradise and feast your senses on over 3500 colourful birds across 400 species. Spanning over 20.2 Hectares of naturalistic habitats and giant walk-in aviaries, enjoy close interactions with the feathered residents at daily feeding sessions and be tickled by their show-stopping antics in exciting bird shows. Enjoy sumptuous Asian buffet lunch in the company of talented parrots and get wild and wet at the kids-friendly bird-themed playground. See more..
  16. 4.5 Waterfront Promenade (4.439 reviews)
    - Waterfront Promenade
    Scenic Walking Areas
    Waterfront Promenade image
    The Marina Bay's only purpose to make small town boy like me to feel even smaller. Describing it as breath taking, jaw dropping or simply amazing is still an understatement. This is the place for glitzy high fliers to burn their easy earned cash and show off their jet set lifestyle but there's also plenty for us commoners to admire it from ground level promenade too. The whole area has been built on reclaimed land but the most important part is the aesthetics that blows our tiny average minds. From planning to design, layout, facilities, maintenance and amount of attractions provided here feels like a overkill sometimes. The laser lightshow alone is enough to keep me occupied for hours but then there's boat ride, giant ferris wheel, science museum, Gardens by the Bay, Merlion Park, sculptures, cafés, restaurants, five star hotels, shopping malls and of course in the centre of it all the iconic Sands. I've never had so many wow moments in one day. See more..
  17. 4.5 Singapore Cable Car (4.203 reviews) from $20.00
    - Really easy to book & board - amazing views
    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Trams • Lookouts • Scenic Walking Areas
    Singapore Cable Car image
    The breath-taking connection between Faber Peak Singapore and Sentosa Island Established since 1974, Singapore Cable Car is the nation's first and only cableway that links Faber Peak on mainland Singapore to the island resort of Sentosa, before flying you to the Merlion or the sandy beach at Siloso. Today, the cable car rides are enjoyed across a Cable Car Sky Network of more than 100 cabins spanning almost 5 kilometres on the Mount Faber Line and the Sentosa Line. A 'joyride' across the Cable Car Sky Network offers a 360-degree aerial and visual treat of the entire Sentosa-HarbourFront skyline and the resort island. The scenery transforms as the cabins soar above the forest, through a skyscraper, over the harbour and travel across the jungle, sand and sea. Our passionate service ambassadors are on hand to create happy moments for all cable car joyriders. Singapore Cable Car Opening Hours: From 8.45am to 10pm (Last boarding: 9.30pm) See more..
  18. 4.5 Clarke Quay (3.396 reviews)
    - A Balmy Evening on the Water at Clarke Quay
    Shopping Malls
    Clarke Quay image
    Arrived at Quay near Read Bridge about 6.00pm and mingled with the many people taking in the mild evening breezes off the river. Checked several of the many eateries along the banks of the river and finally settled on Harry's where we had mixed sausage dish and popcorn chicken (this was too spicey), however ,the meal and cool mock cocktails were very enjoyable . At 7.30pm we proceeded to Bee Boats at $25Sg per head and spent the most enjoyable cruise down the Singapore river, complete with excellent commentary on the surrounds and the history of th e buildings and locations as we passed. Saw great light and sound show over the water from Mariner Bay Sands . The cruise lasted about 40 minutes and was a real highlight of our week in Singapore. To top it off, we returned to our hotel by taxi and diverted down Orchard Road to view the Christmas lights and decorations and this as always is a must at this time of the year. See more..
  19. 4.5 National Museum of Singapore (2.860 reviews) from $12.97
    - Don't Miss the Guided Tour
    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spent More than 3 hours Speciality Museums
    National Museum of Singapore image
    With a history dating back to its inception in 1887, the National Museum of Singapore is the nation's oldest museum with a progressive mind. Its galleries adopt cutting-edge and multi-perspective ways of presenting history and culture to redefine conventional museum experience. A cultural and architectural landmark in Singapore, the Museum hosts innovative festivals and events all year round-the dynamic Night Festival, visually arresting art installations, as well as amazing performances and film screenings-in addition to presenting thought-provoking exhibitions involving critically important collections of artefacts. The programming is supported by a wide range of facilities and services including F&B, retail and a Resource Centre. The National Museum of Singapore re-opened in December 2006 after a three-year redevelopment, and celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2012. The Museum refreshed its permanent galleries and re-opened them on 19 September 2015 for Singapore's Golden Jubilee. See more..
  20. 4.5 Asian Civilisations Museum (2.210 reviews) from $12.92
    - Love the Shipwreck Section
    Saturday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spent 2-3 hours History Museums
    Asian Civilisations Museum image
    The Asian Civilisations Museum is devoted to exploring the rich artistic heritage of Asia, especially the ancestral cultures of Singaporeans. Founded in 1993 and in its present building by the Singapore River since 2003, the museum traces its roots to the Raffles Museum, founded in the middle of the 19th century. ACM focuses on the many historical connections between the cultures of Asia, and between Asia and the world. Singapore’s history as a port city that brought people together from all over the world is used as a means of examining the history of Asia. Special exhibitions bring magnificent objects from around the world to our Singapore audience. Programmes like the annual River Nights encourage visitors to connect more closely with culture and the arts. See more..
  21. 4.5 Changi Chapel and Museum (2.067 reviews)
    - A place not to miss.
    Saturday: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM Spent 1-2 hours History Museums
    Changi Chapel and Museum image
    The newly revamped Changi Chapel and Museum (CCM) features new content and artefacts presented in an intimate and engaging format to tell the story of the prisoners of war and civilians interned in Changi prison camp during the Japanese Occupation. As part of the revamp, the National Museum of Singapore which manages Changi Museum has been collecting stories and personal objects from families of former internees that emphasise their personal experiences. The museum’s narrative is centred on remembrance and reflection, encouraging visitors to contemplate both the hardships that the internees underwent, as well as their courage and resilience in the face of difficulties. See more..
  22. 4.5 MacRitchie Nature Trail (1.848 reviews)
    - Into the jungle, so close to the centre of the city
    Spent 2-3 hours Nature & Wildlife Areas
    MacRitchie Nature Trail image
    A short trip from the city center lies the serenity of MacRitchie Reservoir, part of Singapore’s water catchment system that captures rain water to help supply the island’s growing population. Trails surround the park, which has an upgraded visitor’s center featuring a café, restrooms and information station. The best views are from the TreeTop Walk, a 250-meter suspension bridge across the rainforest canopy, which can be accessed along the seven-kilometer Venus Loop. Wear hiking shoes and bring water. See more..
  23. 4.5 Jewel Changi Airport (1.280 reviews)
    - Impressive
    Spent More than 3 hours Shopping Malls
    Jewel Changi Airport image
    Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel) - Singapore’s brand new multi-dimensional lifestyle destination! Located right in the heart of Singapore Changi Airport, Jewel integrates one-of-a-kind play attractions and extensive landscaping with over 280 exciting shopping and dining concepts, a 130-room hotel and airport facilities for travellers. See more..
  24. 4.5 East Coast Park (1.234 reviews)
    - a feather in the cap of Singapore planners
    Spent 2-3 hours Beaches • Parks
    East Coast Park image
    The city’s most popular stretch of beach always buzzes with activity – even when it’s not playing host to the wide spectrum of sporting events that grace its shores regularly, like the Singapore Marathon and Xtreme Championship. See more..
  25. 4.5 The Southern Ridges (1.181 reviews)
    - Instagrammable!
    Hiking Trails • Scenic Walking Areas
    The Southern Ridges image
    Bridging the hills of Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park and Kent Ridge Park, the Southern Ridges combine invigorating exercise with spectacular views across Singapore. See more..
  26. 4.5 Singapore Discovery Centre (1.117 reviews)
    - Amazing guided tour of Singapore history!
    Saturday: 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM Spent More than 3 hours Speciality Museums • History Museums
    Singapore Discovery Centre image
    Hear the past, touch the present and see the future at Singapore Discovery Centre. Be inspired! Through our fun and interactive galleries and attractions, visitors enjoy a multi-sensory learning experience while gaining insights into Singapore’s dreams, aspirations and challenges. See more..
  27. 4.5 Chinatown Heritage Centre (1.102 reviews)
    - Much better than I expected
    Saturday: 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM Speciality Museums
    Chinatown Heritage Centre image
    The colourful past of Chinatown comes alive within the walls of these three beautifully-restored shophouses on Pagoda Street, comfortably nestled in the midst of Singapore's bustling Chinatown district. Every nook and cranny in the Chinatown Heritage Centre pulsates with the memories of yesteryear, offering an experience like no other as one is transported to Chinatown in the budding years of Singapore's establishment as a seaport. From the desperate hopefulness of the many "Sinkheh" (new migrants) - risking life and limb to embark on an arduous journey from the various Chinese provinces to the promised land of Singapore - to the raw, seedy and underground practices of gambling dens and secret societies, be prepared to experience a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality as you step into the pages of Chinatown's history. The Chinatown Heritage Centre is the only place in Singapore that has recreated the original interiors of its shophouse tenants in the 1950s, offering visitors an honest, revealing glimpse into the lives of Chinatown's early residents. See more..
  28. 4.5 Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay (1.093 reviews)
    - Great view, music, food, atmosphere...
    Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Theaters
    Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay image
    Affectionately known among locals as the "durian", Esplanade is one of the busiest arts centres in the world with about 3,000 performances presented yearly. Spot our prickly cladding in the middle of the central arts and cultural district, and take in the view from the Marina bay waterfront where our Outdoor Theatre is situated. Coming to Esplanade means that you're in for a complete lifestyle experience, from enjoying a night out at a show, to shopping and dining. And whether you're a first-timer, an ardent patron or fellow arts lover, you're most welcome here and we'll do our best to give you a great experience with the arts. See more..
  29. 4.5 Singapore City Gallery (519 reviews)
    - Singapore history
    Saturday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Speciality Museums
    Singapore City Gallery image
    Singapore City Gallery is a great starting point to get to know the city for free. Located beside the Maxwell food centre in the historic district of Chinatown, this 3 storey visitor centre goes beneath the skin of the city to understand how the city came to be, that even though it’s a dense built-up city of tar, glass and concrete, it is still so green, has memorable buildings, historic districts and walkable streets. You can imagine and design your own version of Marina Bay or explore plans long into the future like Greater Southern Waterfront city. The main draw is an enormous model replica of the City Centre with uncannily accurate miniatures of building and streetscapes. Look out for an illustrative map drawn by Lee Xin Li. It will sure to bring back memories of Singapore, past and present. Before you leave, catch the dramatic 3-min Island Wide Model show screened every 20 mins at level 1. See more..
  30. 4.5 Esplanade Park (437 reviews)
    - For a walk
    Esplanade Park image
    This is a wonderful place for a walk at night. Later is better since you will find less people and more peaceful. See more..
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