Most reviewed Points of Interest & Landmarks in Singapore

  1. 4.5 Gardens by the Bay (60.0k reviews) from $8.36
    - Don't miss it
    Friday: 5:00 AM - 2:00 AM Spent More than 3 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Gardens
    Gardens by the Bay image
    An integral part of Singapore's "City in a Garden" vision, Gardens by the Bay spans a total of 101 hectares of prime land at the heart of Singapore's new downtown - Marina Bay. Comprising three waterfront gardens - Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central - Gardens by the Bay will be a showcase of horticulture and garden artistry that will bring the world of plants to Singapore and present Singapore to the World. See more..
  2. 4.5 Singapore Flyer (17.4k reviews)
    - A must
    Temporarily closed - Closed until Apr 2, 2023 Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Observation Decks & Towers
    Singapore Flyer image
    At 165 metres tall, Singapore Flyer is a masterpiece of urban architecture and engineering that showcases not only the mesmerizing cosmopolitan cityscape of the tropical Lion City, but even the surrounding islands of Indonesia and parts of Malaysia in all their glory. In addition to offering panoramic views of Singapore's cosmopolitan cityscape, guests can also indulge in a flute of champagne, or savour the iconic Singapore Sling whilst hosted in a special themed capsule. Diners seeking both privacy and luxury can opt for a multi-sensory treat unlike any other with our Premium Sky Dining Flight, complete with a four-course dinner and an in-flight host. See more..
  3. 4.5 Sands Skypark Observation Deck (16.9k reviews) from $19.01
    - One of those things you must do in Singapore
    Friday: 9:30 AM - 11:00 PM Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Observation Decks & Towers
    Sands Skypark Observation Deck image
    Located on the roof of Marina Bay Sands, the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck boasts scenic views of the panoramic vistas of Marina Bay and Singapore’s world-class cityscape. See more..
  4. 4.5 Cloud Forest (15.1k reviews) from $11.40
    - Beautiful
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM Spent 2-3 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Parks • Gardens
    Cloud Forest image
    We visited in June 2022 and booked tickets online which we recommend doing to avoid the queues. The cloud forest is amazing and highly recommend. We visited in the evening as we were going to the SuperTrees after but the cloud forest would be just as good during the day as the evening. See more..
  5. 4.0 Orchard Road (13.6k reviews)
    - Shoppers paradise
    Spent More than 3 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Orchard Road image
    Spanning almost 2.2 km, Orchard Road is a swanky, tree-lined one-way boulevard flanked by distinctive shopping malls and hotels. The shopping belt comprises nearly 800,000 sq m of shops and restaurants and promises to please any taste or budget with its iconic malls which boast the full works - from opulent brands to high street fashion, and from exclusive restaurants to fast food joints. It is a great street to shop, dine, stay, play, work, and live. See more..
  6. 4.5 Flower Dome (6.543 reviews) from $11.40
    - A must see in Singapore, especially in a hot day
    Spent 2-3 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Parks • Gardens
    Flower Dome image
    Step into the Flower Dome and you'll be standing in awe of nature. Spectacular and innovative in design, it is one of the icons of Bay South Garden. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy. Home to a collection of plants from deserts all over the world, it showcases the adaptations of plants to arid environments. Stop and smell the flowers in the colourful changing displays of the Flower Field, which reflects different seasons, festivals and themes. See more..
  7. 4.5 Supertree Grove (6.050 reviews)
    - Beautiful lights!
    Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Observatories & Planetariums
    Supertree Grove image
    I came here an hour before the night show. People saved their space to sit, some were on the ground as they lay back to view the beautiful lights. It took only 15 minutes for this show, and another show 30 minutes after the first one. This is one spectacular show no one should missed. Just bring a blanket to lie on, food and drinks and enjoy the show. See more..
  8. 4.0 Raffles Hotel Arcade (1.714 reviews)
    - Raffles Hotel Arcade
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Shopping Malls
    Raffles Hotel Arcade image
    Set against a distinctive colonial architectural backdrop, in one of the few remaining great 19th century hotels in the world, Raffles Arcade offers a curated selection of sophisticated lifestyle and shopping experiences for our discerning guests and the community at large. An oasis situated in the heart of the city, a refreshing new social space - we invite you to immerse in our tropical respite where luxury meets heritage and craftsmanship. The Raffles Arcade is now officially open. See more..
  9. 4.0 Boat Quay (1.261 reviews)
    - Visit both day and night
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Piers & Boardwalks
    Boat Quay image
    What a contrast Boat Quay is by day and by night but both equally inviting. During the day, there is much to explore here from the tunnel with art murals between Boat Quay & Clarke Quay to the luxurious Fullerton Hotel and the historical Asian Civilisations Museum. By night, the pubs and restaurants come alive with tourists the main patrons. We did not dine here as have heard adverse reports but did order cocktails which I had to even request for the olives for my Vodkatini as only a lemon swirl was given. We managed to get a table by the river and enjoyed seeing Marina Bay Sands lighted up on the nightly light show. Do make sure you go over to the other side where the Asian Civilisations Museum is to get a beautiful view of the buildings all lighted up. See more..
  10. 4.5 Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay (1.093 reviews)
    - Great view, music, food, atmosphere...
    Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Theaters
    Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay image
    Affectionately known among locals as the "durian", Esplanade is one of the busiest arts centres in the world with about 3,000 performances presented yearly. Spot our prickly cladding in the middle of the central arts and cultural district, and take in the view from the Marina bay waterfront where our Outdoor Theatre is situated. Coming to Esplanade means that you're in for a complete lifestyle experience, from enjoying a night out at a show, to shopping and dining. And whether you're a first-timer, an ardent patron or fellow arts lover, you're most welcome here and we'll do our best to give you a great experience with the arts. See more..
  11. 4.0 Sultan Mosque (1.069 reviews)
    - An Absolute Treasure!
    Friday: 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM Points of Interest & Landmarks • Religious Sites
    Sultan Mosque image
    A century later in 1928, Denis Santry, an architect of Swan and McLaren, employed the Islamic-Saracenic style that combines ideas from Indian and Islamic traditions, designing a Mosque that incorporated the use of minarets and balusters. See more..
  12. 4.0 Marina Barrage (687 reviews)
    - Great place for jogging and walking.
    Marinas • Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Marina Barrage image
    Be captivated by the bright lights of the Singapore Flyer and the Central Business District skyline against the sky at sunset, reflected in the still waters of the Marina Barrage. This Reservoir in the City was created with three key benefits, to provide water supply, flood control and a lifestyle attraction. See more..
  13. 3.5 Fountain of Wealth (648 reviews)
    - Make a wish
    Friday: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Points of Interest & Landmarks • Fountains
    Fountain of Wealth image
    The Fountain of Wealth is located in Suntec City was built in 1995. The Fountain of Wealth was built at a cost of $6 million the bronze ring measures 21 meters in diameter. This fountain symbolizes wealth and good fortune and we like many others made a wish. Between 8 and 9:30PM its the backdrop for a multimedia laser show. Its free so worth visiting. See more..
  14. 4.0 UOB (116 reviews)
    - By the River
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:30 PM Spent < 1 hour Art Galleries • Points of Interest & Landmarks • Observation Decks & Towers
    UOB image
    UOB is committed to building lasting relationships with our customers, through product and market expertise, and our promise to always do what is right. With a well-established global presence today and particularly in Asia, UOB has understanding of Asian markets, corporate culture and business mindsets, which is matched by few. Our strong foothold in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China is well-placed to create greater access and growth in this region, for our customers. See more..
  15. 4.0 Geylang Serai New Market (106 reviews)
    - Authentic experience
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Flea & Street Markets
    Geylang Serai New Market image
    Experience an array of Malay and Indian produce and delicacies at the Geylang Serai New Market in Singapore. See more..
  16. 3.5 Raffles Landing Site (104 reviews)
    - The place where it started
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Piers & Boardwalks
    Raffles Landing Site image
    Raffles' Landing site is located along the Singapore river. It was the end of our "Walk along the past - Civic District walk tour) before going to the Marina Bay Area . You can see the following in the compound: - The Arts House at the Old Parliament - Victoria Theatre - see the clock tower, and Raffles' statue - Raffles' Landing site marker (statue) - Asian Civilisation Museum - Cavenagh Bridge - the only suspension bridge in SG crossing the river to access the Fullerton Hotel Suitable for architecture/design, history and arts buff. See more..
  17. 4.0 Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall (102 reviews)
    - Revamped and refreshed building
    Spent 1-2 hours Points of Interest & Landmarks • Theaters
    Victoria Theatre & Victoria Concert Hall image
    The grand old dames of Singapore’s performing arts scene, Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall (VTVCH), returns after a three-year refurbishment to Singapore's growing arts and cultural landscape. Its elegant Victorian facade is well-preserved, so are its famed clock tower and original passageway connecting the theatre and concert hall. Walk through this charming building to see its heritage elements carefully conserved, namely its 152-year-old twin domes. Providing mid-sized performance venues, VTVCH fills a gap in the local arts scene, and now has improved acoustics, music and dance rehearsal rooms and state-of-the-art facilities. See more..
  18. 3.5 Sago Street (Street Of The Dead) (79 reviews)
    - Street of the Dead
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Sago Street (Street Of The Dead) image
    I wouldn't have realised that this was the Street of the Dead if it wasn't for the sign stating this fact. It is just a typical street in Chinatown and, as with all the streets in this area, I found it fascinating. The attached photo describes what Sago Street used to be up until 1961 when death houses were outlawed. See more..
  19. 4.0 Boon Tat St (77 reviews)
    - Good Food & Atmosphere
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Boon Tat St image
    We visited Boon Tat Street for the satays after seeing Tom and Ben's Singapore Sling programme on Australian Channel 7. We looked out for stalls 7 and 8 where Tom and Ben ate, and as soon as we said we were Australians, we immediately felt like royalty "Ben & Tom Channel 7" they kept on saying. We were provided with a jug of beer and a large range of satays and dipping "gravy". The food is good (there were no after affects) and if you dont want to eat there, just go for the atmosphere at night, where it turns into a bustling food street. We only visited at night as when we were there they were renovating the buildings in the surrounding area and a day time visit we were told would not be worthwhile. See more..
  20. 4.0 Telok Ayer Street (69 reviews)
    - Beautiful street, and area. Very SG.
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Telok Ayer Street image
    This is Singapore's historic original waterfront zone. See more..
  21. 3.0 Campbell Lane (32 reviews)
    - Nice break
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Campbell Lane image
    Nice break Roaming around in little India Campell Lane Many shops and many people sitting in the road Remind you In Bombay See more..
  22. 3.5 Petain Road (21 reviews)
    - Enjoyed the beautiful architecture
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Historic Walking Areas
    Petain Road image
    It is a very short street with a row of beautiful houses. Not many people as there is nothing around the area. Can take your time to admire the architecture. See more..
  23. 1.5 Time Capsule (3 reviews)
    - You could stare at the sign if you want...
    Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Honestly, I've actually visited this place back in 2008. However, this 'Time Capsule' would never change. Sure, maybe a few trees would pop up every now and then, probably greener grass, more or less flowers, but the 'attraction' itself doesn't change. What is the 'Time Capsule' of Singapore, anyway? Well, its a time capsule buried back in the early days to celebreate the 50th anniversery of Singapore (or at least in 2013). It is buried deep into the ground along the Singapore River. Now, I suppose the only way you could experience this attraction is through imaganing what it would be inside, but one could do that from any location in the world. Therefore, I conclude that the Time Capsule would not officially be an attraction until 2013. Or maybe not, considering the fact the government would take it back. At the least there are some signboards, eh? See more..