Most reviewed Bridges in Singapore

  1. 4.0 Cavenagh Bridge (287 reviews)
    - Cavenagh Bridge
    Cavenagh Bridge image
    The holy trinity of Lion City's river bridges. Anderson, Elgin and Cavenagh. This little wobbly bridge and the other two are all Singapore's national monuments because of their age, heritage value and design. It was built in Glasgow Scotland and then shipped over to be put together in 1869. Initially it was named Edinburgh Bridge to please Duke of Edinburgh who was in town on official visit that time but then changed to honour the last governor by British East India Company Major General Cavanagh. It has definitely stood the test of time because its been ferrying fat tourists across the river and still in pretty good shape. See more..
  2. 3.5 Anderson Bridge (132 reviews)
    - A bridge of growth and beauty
    Anderson Bridge image
    I have never written so many reviews for bridges in such a short span as Singapore. However, each has its own beauty and each its own time and purpose. Again at the old mouth of the Singapore River, this bridge was built around 1900 to carry the expansion of traffic. It is a heavy steel design but clearly more substantial than the historic Cavenagh Bridge and yet overtaken by the modern, geometric Esplanade Bridge. The Anderson is two spans side by side to handle the increase in commerce across the river. However, it has been amended again with one span now serving only pedestrians. Still, the heavy steel arch gives it character and style, and its location between the other two makes it ideal for pictures. Also at night the white painted steel looks amazing in purple light. It is another great bridge on the Singapore river. See more..