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  1. 4.0 Istana (96 reviews)
    - Tranquil and Serene
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    Yes, consider yourself lucky if you get a chance to visit ISTANA, as it's open for public on very few selected days of the year. Same can be checked on the official website. Location - very conveniently located between Dhoby Ghaut and Orchard... Can be reached by any mode of transport very easily. A humble request to Kindly use public transport to keep our city green. Entrance looks impressive with two big metal gates. All arrangements are well planned and managed. Kindly avoid all restrictive items as you got to go through security check and scans. Do bring water and eatables, umbrellas, as inside may not find too many options. But for sure got huge spaces to allow you to unwind and have picnic. From entrance it's a Long curvy road walk to the main building. Along side you will experience nice big green spaces, lake, swans, dense woods, keep the walk interesting. As its not a regular public visit place.... So don't kindly expect too many support facilities. But basic facilities are well taken care of, though on temporary basis. Main building is the highlight... A beautiful piece of architecture, very well conserved. Will advise to opt for guided tour as in addition to general info and history, it gives insights to many not so common known info about the place. Got to pre- register on first come first served basis.... But worth it. Especially very good for our upcoming future generation. It's a 45 mins duration tour... And you can continue to further explore the building on your own if you like. Only certain area is open for public... Just to give some insight without any compromise on other day to day activities. Photography is not allowed inside main building. Everywhere else feel free to capture the moments and memories. If lucky enough, you may happen to see / meet THE PRESIDENT.... an awesome experience in itself. So don't miss it at any excuse.... As you never know which future would be President get inspired, during the visit... See more..