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Amboy city in Washington, United States. Timezone: America/Los_Angeles, current date and time: Saturday, December 09, 2023, 6:12.

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  1. 5.0 Mountt St Helens National Volcanic Monument (333 reviews)
    - Fantastic and Best Stop on the Spirit Highway
    Saturday: Volcanos
    Mountt St Helens National Volcanic Monument image
    This park is characterized by its dramatic landscape, the result of Mt. St. Helen's spectacular eruption in 1980. See more..
  2. 5.0 WIndy Ridge Viewpoint (33 reviews)
    - Must experience this!
    Observation Decks & Towers
    WIndy Ridge Viewpoint image
    Windy Ridge is actually the very last stop of Mt St Helens east entrance. From the beginning of the east entrance to the end is roughly 20 miles and it is heaven along the way. The west entrance was nice but this ….. oh wow! Aside from lava flow fields on the west side, this area has the dead tress strewn on the hillsides. At this stop, there are lots of wooden stairs going straight up and the top with a 360 view. If you don’t already have a park pass, this where a park ranger is and he collects $5 for the entrance…backward – right? LOL. BTW, CASH ONLY. He gives you a ticket to put in your window. Oh, and I never had to pay anyone for the west entrance but they got my money via goods. If you look on the website, it shows the east and south as requiring a permit but not the west. At this last stop you also get a closer view of the crater! Ok, pay the fee and walk way up those steps to Windy Ridge. Trust me it’s worth it – just take your time. At the top, you can see Johnston Ridge Observatory across the way, Spirit Lake where logs still float from the blast and the trail I was talking about starting at the observatory which leads to the lake, Mt Rainier, Mt Hood, Mt Adams and Loowit Falls under the crater’s mouth. It is divine. I could go on with adjectives but you get the picture? See for yourself with my postings of pictures. I spent at least 1.5 hours at this last stop. A couple of stops (Donnybrook and Harmony) on the right hand side before Windy Ridge have wonderful views of Spirit Lake. The Smith Creek stop on the left side right before Windy has a huge circular drive area and many people can sit on top of a stone built wall to take in the beauty of Oregon across the way. I started from Ashford, WA around 8 am and did not get back until 3:00 pm so plan accordingly. I thought this would take a couple of hours but I was wrong. This entrance MUST be a part of your Mt St Helens experience. See more..
  3. 5.0 Bungee Masters (29 reviews)
    - Awesome Bungee Experience
    Adrenaline & Extreme Tours
    Bungee Masters image
    I went bungee jumping for the first time off a bridge out in the middle of nowhere at the base of the Tum Tum Mountain in Amboy Washington. To earn your bungee t-shirt you have to jump off face first then jump the second time backwards. Make sure to go at least once in your lifetime!!! It's over 20 stories high and is the tallest legal bungee point in the USA. DO IT!!! See more..
  4. 5.0 Lewis River Lower Falls (8 reviews)
    - Beautiful location!
    Lewis River Lower Falls image
    We camped at site 3, ethereal surrounding. I never wanted to leave!Minutes walk from the Lower Falls, and river access above with amazing swimming holes. Wish I had more time to explore the area. There is tons to see around here. Only con was I almost lost my breakfast while trying to use to potty. The smell of ammonia & sewer was overpowering:(Other than that amazing location, and the waterfalls are Washington’s finest! See more..
  5. 5.0 The Zipline X (6 reviews)
    - Adrenaline packed adventure!
    Zipline & Aerial Adventure Parks
    The Zipline X image
    The staff was very safety oriented and extremely nice and enjoyable to be around. The zip lines keep your adrenaline going from crossing a 100 ft bridge 90 ft in the air to get to the next platform to the zipline 270 ft above a canyon. Extremely fun experience that also offers bungee jumping. If you're lucky enough you'll get to see someone jumping while you go across the canyon or even see kayakers going down the river. See more..
  6. 5.0 Lewis River Falls (1 review)
    - My favorite waterfall in WA
    Lewis River Falls image
    This waterfall is a little jaunt of a drive, but absolutely amazing. Please share it only with people that have respect for nature. It was very sad to see it trashed this past summer. See more..
  7. 4.5 Coldwater Lake (30 reviews)
    - One of our favorite things about Mt St Helens
    Bodies of Water
    Coldwater Lake image
    Formerly called Coldwater Creek, this is one of the world's newest lakes. See more..
  8. 4.5 Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center (9 reviews)
    - Great view
    Visitor Centers
    Tourist center located seven miles from Mount St. Helen's crater. See more..
  9. 4.5 Birth of a Lake trail (5 reviews)
    - A cool walk!
    Hiking Trails
    Birth of a Lake trail image
    A well-paved walking trail. See more..
  10. 4.5 Trail of Two Forests Trail (3 reviews)
    - A Short hike through a beautiful and Interesting Forest.
    Spent < 1 hour Hiking Trails
    Trail of Two Forests Trail image
    This is a trail that takes you through an old growth forest of Douglas Firs and Red Cedars, and then a younger newer forest that was once engulfed by Lava flow from the Eruption. You are able to climb through a Lava tube here if you aren't claustrophobic and come out via a ladder a little further on down the trail. We had this all to ourselves it was so peaceful and quiet. The trail was very informative and interesting. See more..
  11. 4.5 Toutle River (3 reviews)
    - Very interesting
    Bodies of Water
    Home of the Toutle River mudflow where parts of a steel bridge, which was originally 30-feet high, can still be seen. See more..
  12. 4.5 Clearwater Overlook (2 reviews)
    Scenic Drives
    An amazing scenic lookout point where a valley was flattened during the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. See more..
  13. 3.0 World Famous Nick's (2 reviews)
    - A Favorite Bar- Changing Direction
    Bars & Clubs
    Nicks is an Amboy Icon which appears to be under new management. Still my favorite Bar as food prices appear to be creeping up to the point where one can go to another restaurant where the menu is not 90% deep fried. Our weekly visit is now down to once a month which is all our arteries can suffer., Always friendly, we just hope that the new direction keeps some of he old country charm See more..
  14. North Clark Historical Museum (0 review)
    History Museums
    North Clark Historical Museum image
    See more..
  15. Muddy Creek (0 review)
    Bodies of Water
    Mudflow resulting from the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980. See more..