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Souillac #34 destination in Mauritius 2023. Timezone: Indian/Mauritius, current date and time: Sunday, December 03, 2023, 7:54.

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  1. 4.5 Gris Gris Beach (584 reviews)
    - Love the Waves and Wind
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    It's part of our Wild South tour. We stopped for a while at the cliff here. We could oversee the beach down there. The wind was severe, so did the waves, no water sports or activities were seen. I think I could keep watching and feeling this place at this south tip of the Mauritius island for an hour. Too bad we stayed for about 20 mins only and had to move on to other places. See more..
  2. 4.0 Rochester Falls (325 reviews)
    - The Must!
    Rochester Falls image
    The jewel of the south. Nature at its best. 2 roads lead to the waterfall, one to the top and one to the bottom. With a little chances, you can watch the jumps from the tree into the water fall pool by the local guy. See more..
  3. 3.5 Robert Edward Hart Memorial Museum (10 reviews)
    - Interesting!
    Spent < 1 hour Speciality Museums • History Museums
    Robert Edward Hart Memorial Museum image
    So if you wanna know how houses were back in the days in Mauritius (very old time) it is the place to be! the house has been completely restored and the original furniture are still there. It also has a scenic view over the ocean! See more..