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Flacq District #5 destination in Mauritius 2023. The average rating score is 4.72 based on 7.686 traveler reviews, of 80 attractions. Timezone: Indian/Mauritius, current date and time: Sunday, December 03, 2023, 8:15.

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  1. 5.0 TeamBuilding Mauritius (8 reviews)
    - Amazing EoY Party
    Sunday: 9:30 AM - 3:45 PM Spent 1-2 hours Game & Entertainment Centers
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    Bowfighters® is a new sport activity which combines the drive of paintball with the noble art of archery. Two teams meet on the arena for a series of archery battles. Each player gets a bow, a mask, and foam-tipped arrows. The interactive game provides excellent opportunity to participate in the archery combat in a safe and fun way. Several arenas across the island. See more..