3 Star Places To Visit in Phuket, Thailand (21)

  1. 3.5 Patong Beach (17.0k reviews)
    - Patong Beach, Phuket
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Beaches
    Patong Beach image
    Since the devastating impact of the December tsunami in 2004, I had always wanted to make a trip to Phuket as I had fond memories of the place which I visited years earlier with my office colleagues. This time, I went with my hubby and it was a refreshing experience with the crowded Patong Beach full of holiday makers on weekdays! We found a quieter beach area with clear water and fishes towards the end of Patong, nearer to Kalim beach. Weather was sunny and Thai food was good but most things were expensive in Phuket, especially the taxi to airport. We felt safer to get the hotel to book us a taxi instead of taking one from the many street taxis. We made a trip to Phuket Old Town and saw the Phuket Fantasea show at 9pm. The distinctive feature of this performance was the more than a dozen elephants on stage! Phuket is a nice getaway and we shall return for the Thai hospitality and food. See more..
  2. 3.5 Phuket FantaSea (8.254 reviews)
    - Wouldn’t return again to see the show
    Friday: 5:30 PM - 11:30 PM Amusement & Theme Parks
    Phuket FantaSea image
    This cultural theme park is divided into three sections: shopping in the Festival village, dining in the Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant and Vegas-style entertainment in the Palace of the Elephants. See more..
  3. 3.5 Paradise Beach (1.346 reviews)
    - It deserve to visit it, but no more than once!!
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spent More than 3 hours Beach & Pool Clubs
    Paradise Beach image
    Make memories to last a life time at Paradise Beach, where your paradise is our pleasure. Paradise Beach is located in an exquisite area only 8 minutes away from the world famous Patong beach. You can visit Paradise Beach any time between 9.00 am and 9.00pm with our complimentary shuttle bus service that will take you to and from selected locations in Patong. Get more out of your time in Paradise by getting involved in to our exciting beach-based Sports Activities. Paradise Beach offers a wide range of sporting activities for our guests that will allow you to discover the natural beauty of Paradise Beach while swimming, paddling or floating through your days with us. There is always something fun and exciting to experience at Paradise Beach, come down to the Activities Center on the beach and jump right in. So, what are you waiting for! The white sands and crystal-clear waters await you here at Paradise Beach, where your Paradise is our pleasure. See more..
  4. 3.5 Splash Jungle Waterpark (889 reviews) from $19.88
    - Recommended
    Friday: 10:00 AM - 5:45 PM Spent More than 3 hours Water Parks
    Splash Jungle Waterpark image
    My 8 year old enjoyed a good 7 hours here, she thought it was better than Raging Waters in Sydney. There were no queues for the slides even though the adjacent resort was apparently fully booked. Whilst you can’t take your own towels in they did let us bring our hooded over the head towels, and whilst you can’t take your own disposable water bottles in they did let us bring our more permanent bottles filled with water in. The place might be considered a bit scruffy, but all in all, it’s a great day for the kids. See more..
  5. 3.5 Tiger Kingdom Phuket (807 reviews)
    - Nice for being close to the beautiful cats
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Spent 2-3 hours Nature & Wildlife Areas • Zoos
    Tiger Kingdom Phuket image
    Tiger Kingdom Phuket is a once in a lifetime experience where you can meet, play, and have your photo taken with tigers! Watch the tigers as you kick back with some food and drink from our top-quality restaurant. You are sure to have a very memorable experience! Open daily including public holidays from 9am to 5pm. See more..
  6. 3.0 Turtle Village Shops & Cuisine (555 reviews)
    - Handy location for shops, restaurants and amenities
    Shopping Malls
    Turtle Village Shops & Cuisine image
    Available to walk to from many Mai Khao resorts. There are several restaurants in a variety of price ranges. The shops are pretty high end. There are some elephants to feed. There is a small grocery store and a few convenience marts. Don't forget your shopping bags. See more..
  7. 3.5 Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise (450 reviews)
    - A Quiet Winner
    Flea & Street Markets
    Patong OTOP Shopping Paradise image
    Many come to OTOP for authentic street food and to shop for souvenirs and other goods to take home. Prices aren't as cheap as in other markets, but there are still plenty of bargains to be had. See more..
  8. 3.5 Phuket Cobra Show and Snake Farm (292 reviews)
    - These guys are crazy but well worth the visit
    Phuket Cobra Show and Snake Farm image
    I went to the cobra Show and at first when I got there I thought 'what a dive', but when you went inside it was amazing to see these large king cobras being poked and hissing and lunging at the keepers. I was surprised at how loud the cobras hiss and how quick they are. The show they put on is entertaining and the guys doing the show are mad, they have been bitten and hospitalised before and it was certainly an experience I enjoyed. Then somehow I got myself sucked in to going down into the snake pit with live cobras and one crawled between my legs and over my calf muscle. Something I would of never thought I would do but again this was an amazing experience and worth the visit See more..
  9. 3.5 Tsunami Memorial Park (262 reviews)
    - 1 minute silence
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Monuments & Statues
    Tsunami Memorial Park image
    this was a somber place to visit for the people that died during the tsunami many years ago. The while family held 1 minute silence as respect See more..
  10. 3.5 Kathu Waterfall (222 reviews)
    - Easy Stair Climb To The Waterfall
    Kathu Waterfall image
    The drive to Kathu Waterfalls was easy to find. It took us about 15 minutes to reach the waterfalls. It is a nice walk up some stairs and it is fully shaded. It was the perfect warm up for our other hiking trips to follow See more..
  11. 3.5 Phuket Orchid Farm (188 reviews) from $22.50
    - A lot of the same
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM Spent < 1 hour Gardens
    Phuket Orchid Farm image
    Upon arrival, the man gave me 3 orchid flowers, stunning! We went about midday and was really hot and humid, bring water! Reccomend closes shoes as the ground is muddy and unstable in parts. Looks a little rundown...wear your glasses as theres some wire and structure over the walkways. Overall nice flowers, alot are the same species and colour (may just be the time of year). Little chickens running around. Prob wouldn't go again for 300bht, but okay first time if you have an hour to spare. See more..
  12. 3.5 Phuket Thaihua Museum (167 reviews)
    - Knowledgeable place to learn about Chinese in Phuket, but NOT A MUST
    Speciality Museums
    Phuket Thaihua Museum image
    If you’re already in Phuket Old Town, you might as well want to drop by this museum and learn about the history of Chinese in Phuket. The museum is alright, but not a must-see place. Theres also entrance free. In case you want to visit sone other museums to learn about Phuket, I heard about Phuket Mining Museum that is also interesting and knowledgeable, but it was under renovation during the period I wanted to visit. See more..
  13. 3.5 Pang Chang Kamala (154 reviews)
    - Awesome afternoon
    Spent < 1 hour Points of Interest & Landmarks
    Pang Chang Kamala image
    We were unsure of what to expect given the varying reviews we read but decided to give it a shot and decide for ourselves...and we were all thrilled that we did. We chose option 2, which was the 90 minute feeding, riding and bathing option and it was such fun. Didn't see any cruelty towards the elephants at all...in fact the guides looked after their respective animals with a lot of care. The guides themselves were a great bunch of people who added to the entire experience. One thing we did notice though was the chained monkey, which the management told us was chained due to it biting people in the past. My wife and eldest son had the time of their lives with the elephants, especially when it came time to bathe them. Definitely a day we won't forget. See more..
  14. 3.5 Sirinat National Park (100 reviews)
    - Very beautiful
    National Parks • Beaches
    Sirinat National Park image
    This isn’t your average national park for sure. It does feature a very beautiful area and a wonderful beach as well. Our hotel was located right in it so we explored it quite a lot. You can take nice long walks on the beach or around the busy streets. Along the way it is lined with a kind of pine tree which give nice shade and a relaxed atmosphere. It is generally well-kept, and I think parts of it you need to pay an entrance fee. See more..
  15. 3.5 Khao Phra Thaeo National Park (86 reviews)
    - Visit for Gibbon rehab and Waterfall
    National Parks
    Khao Phra Thaeo National Park image
    During our holidays in Phuket we had visited the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park to see 2 tourist attractions - Gibbon rehab center and the Bang Pae waterfall. One has to pay entrance fee for entering into this forest which is priced at 200 baht per person for foreign tourists and free for Thai national. At the entrance there is a big lotus pond and giant palm leaves. We had a good time at the Gibbon rehab center and enjoyed walking through the nature trail beside the Bang Pae waterfall. See more..
  16. 3.5 Nui Beach Phuket (63 reviews)
    - Is an idilic beach, but get informed!!!
    Temporarily closed - Closed until further notice Spent 2-3 hours Beach & Pool Clubs
    Nui Beach Phuket image
    I recomand you to visit it. But be informed that once you get there, you must get to the beach just with your own moto( and is difficult), or you will find some cars ( 300 bath per person go and back from beach, so if you are 4 persons, it will be 1200 bath just to get to the beach) The rude ,thai bad thing is that is no written anywhere , nothing, so you must ask some thai people or your first driver who will get you here( up, the normal driver taxi will not get you to the beach, is impossible) If you get to the beach, you will find a small, idilic beach, small restaurant with a nice front sea view, thai bad services etc On the beach there are a lot of profi/ high/ on the hill places for taking profi, excelent photos, so for making beautifull couples of families foto is the best beach!! Really, inform a little bit, and spend a day here. You will enjoy it! See more..
  17. 3.0 Shopping Sale Karon Plaza (55 reviews)
    - Good value, but......
    Spent 1-2 hours Flea & Street Markets
    Shopping Sale Karon Plaza image
    Also known as the Karon Bazaar, this plaza is a terrific stop for souvenir shopping as well as home decor and housewares, which you can get for a bargain if you're willing to haggle. See more..
  18. 3.5 Rawai Park (53 reviews)
    - Very Good For Under 8 Years Old
    Friday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Spent 2-3 hours Playgrounds
    Rawai Park image
    Amazing kids park in Phuket with spacious kids club, outdoor playgrounds, waterpark safe for kids with slides, family restaurant. There are also gardens and comfortable places for the parents. Rawai Park is a must visit family destination in southern Phuket. Best for kids of ages 1-6 y.o. See more..
  19. 3.5 Thalang National Museum (37 reviews)
    - Historical Thai Cultural Museum
    Spent < 1 hour History Museums
    Thalang National Museum image
    This property is temporary closed for renovation See more..
  20. 3.5 Mae Somchit Kata Fresh Market (2 reviews)
    - Passing through
    Flea & Street Markets
    Mae Somchit Kata Fresh Market image
    Great small wee market, little quiet at the moment but worth a visit if your passing through. Great restaurant inside Friendly staff and local food at good prices including fresh fish, fruits and vegetables. Dried goods, souvenirs. See more..
  21. 3.0 Bar 1 (Coral Bar) (1 review)
    - Nice views - disinterested staff
    Friday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Spent < 1 hour Bars & Clubs • Coffeehouses
    Bar 1 (Coral Bar) image
    Monday 17th February we booked a half day tour to Coral Island. With about 45 minutes of our time left on the Island, we decided to end the tour with a cold beer. We visited this bar because it was the closest to the meeting point with our tour guide. We sat at the bar waiting to be served and waited and waited, the staff were too interested in cashing up in preparation for closing. In the end, called a member of staff over, asked ir the bar was still open, which it was. We ordered 2 large bottles of Chang, a 140 Baht each, roughly £3.50, not overly expensive considering the bar's location. When serving our beers the staff could not be bothered to wipe down the messy bar. We did enjoy sitting looking out onto the beach and out to sea, beautiful. Nice views, staff not interested. See more..