Spokane Falls, Washington, United States

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Relaxing Falls

The Spokane Falls are situated along the Spokane River, which runs through downtown Spokane. If you are in the city, I highly recommend visiting the park and the area surrounding the falls. If you do make it to the park, it is worth a trip down to the falls for some pretty views and relaxing sounds of rushing water. The falls were also the site of one of the first hydroelectric plants ever constructed and have remained a source of power for the city ever since. Although there isn't a public tour of the current plants, there are some artifacts from previous water turbines that were in use in the area on display. The Spokane Falls are really pretty looking. I highly recommend taking a stop for some pictures or to just enjoy the atmosphere of the area.
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Monroe Street, Spokane, Washington, United States.

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  • 5Merle C 5:00 PM Jul 1, 2020
    One of a kind.
    A few cities in the US can boast a "River Runs Through It" but none can lay claim to the aesthetics provided by the Spokane River crashing through the virtual center of Spokane. Viewing the river from the varied view points gives an experience worth returning to whenever possible. Taking friends and family to enjoy our gem is always a high point of their trip.

  • 5shiftvax 5:00 PM Aug 23, 2021
    Nice views and very peaceful
    This is a must see place to visit if you go to Spokane. The main falls is what is pictured but don't be afraid to walk through the city and see where the damn is that lets water in the waterway. Maybe a 15-20 min walk with nice views along the ways of the water.

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