Museum of Glass, Washington, United States

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An international center for contemporary art with a sustained focus on glass.


1801 Dock St, Tacoma, WA 98402-3217


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4.5 based on (1.304 reviews)



  • 5ese1111 5:00 PM Mar 10, 2023
    Loved it, better than Chiluly musuem
    I went to both the Museum of Glass and the Chiluly Musuem. I thought the Chiluly Museum was a snoozefest in comparison to the museum of glass. At the MoG, I went into the glassblowing demo, (had multiple furnaces, big audience type seating, working artists, and a narrator answering questions and describing what was happening). It was riveting. When I entered there were already people who had been there, sitting and watching. I joined and watched for I don’t know how long. Even if they weren’t doing a whole lot, you’re just so mesmerized about how they’re able to do anything at all, it’s better than must see-tv. I finally left the room when they appeared to finish the first part of the piece, but I could have stayed. Went around the rest of the museum and saw really beautiful glasswork. I liked that MoG had more diversity in the types of glasswork features, rather than the Chiluly musuem where all the artwork looks more or the less the same. As a bonus, the pizza at the museum cafe was Amazeballs. It gets my vote!

  • 5Holly D 5:00 PM Jul 26, 2021
    Go. See, Be amazed.
    The displays are well thought out and organized for perusal. The auditorium had cramped seating, but it was great to be able to watch the actual glass art creation process live! The Bridge of Glass spans the highway and has a large number of beautiful pieces on display, it is worth the trip up to see it. Big plus: Active duty military and family get in free. That was awesome! Down sides: The parking is under the museum and easy to miss if your aren't paying attention. It also has some tight turns. The gift shop...I normally purchase something just to lend some support, I just couldn't find anything that I found attractive, or that wasn't more expensive than I thought reasonable. And, I find paying $20 for a stuffed animal reasonable when supporting the zoo and such, so that might tell your something. The Bridge of Glass is NOT an actual bridge made of glass, it is a display and unfortunately there is the lingering scent of stale urine up there. Absolutely, go! See this museum and while you are at it check out some of the other museums that are in the area. It is definitely worth the trip.