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Alien Grave in Historic Graveyard

So after reading about “Ned” and his epic crash in April 1897 I had to visit the grave. Cemetery is very easy to find. Take the last entrance on the left - Beauchamp road and start looking to your right by a large tree for a flat oval stone. Grave marker has been stolen. If you get to the historical marker you’ve gone too far. Usually the stone is covered in “gifts” left for “Ned” like pennies, Star Wars action figures and green items. Cemetery is very well maintained and there is even a geocache there! For a fun other world experience if you’re near the area stop by!!!
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Cemetery Road, Aurora, Texas, United States.

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  • 4Wacomac 5:00 PM Sep 17, 2014
    Alien Gravesite... You Have To Decide That One
    Doing a fair amount of genealogy, I do visit cemeteries and take photographs of headstones and markers. At the time of my visit, I was not aware of the reported landing of an Alien in 1897. As I finished taking photos, I stopped to take one of the historical marker and starting reading. Yep, documented right on the State of Texas Official Historical marker is the details of an alien crashing nearby and the pilot being buried within. Locals report, headstones for the pilot have appeared in the cemetery over the years, but they soon disappear as mysteriously as they appeared. Nellie Burris, an infant who died in 1893, marker reads, "As I was so soon done, I don't know why I was begun". We all might think that... Nice country cemetery off of Hwy 114 near Aurora.
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  • 4Louis F 5:00 PM Apr 26, 2021
    Neat little cemetery
    There are a few historical plaques located in the cemetery but the top attraction is the supposed alien gravesite and story behind how the alien was buried there. Worth a stop to check out if you are passing through.

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