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  1. 4.5 Green Bluff (339 reviews)
    - everyone should expierence Hansen's Orchard
    Green Bluff image
    Four years ago I ventured to Greenbluff for the first time in my then 70 years. Previously my parents would go to Green Bluff & bring me the fruit to make their jams and pies. In 2016 I went up myself. I happened to turn in to the first OPEN sign and was greeted by Mrs Karen Hansen. It was cherry time and I picked my 1st box full and began another box. No need to climb a ladder since the cherry branches were full and hanging low. I was even brought a chair -- divine decadence to sit, pick & sample. No matter what fruit is in season, I go to Hanson's. Wonderful fruit, great prices and fantastic owners. I will go to the orchard every chance I get during picking season. The storeshop has fruit, jams (Derrick Hansen's huckleberry is divine), honey, and craft or painted items from local artisans. ps - the 'date of travel' is for my last visit. See more..