Lau Pa Sat Festival Pavilion, Singapore, Singapore

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Yummy Satays and Prawn!

Food here is simply amazing. It did not disappoint whenever i come here to eat. Satay and prawn is a MUST to order! The Lok Lok stall is also not bad but could be improved. Come before 7pm and secure your outdoor seats because the ambience is so much nicer than indoors! However, food can be pricey and they only accept cash. So, come prepared!


18 Raffles Quay Telok Ayer Festival Market Telok Ayer Market, Singapore 048582 Singapore


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4.0 based on (1.567 reviews)



  • 4thepamperednomad 5:00 PM Feb 8, 2020
    love this place at night
    I know Singaporeans will say there are better spots, which is definitely true, BUT; at night when they pull the tables out into the street, its a most enjoyable atmosphere. TOO HOT DURING THE DAY TO ENJOY its all about satay and noodles. I like the one noodle spot that sits in the middle of the road at the end (its obvious which that is when you're there because there is only 1 stall at the far end) Currently 10 skewers is about $7....its no longer so cheap, but its always cooked to perfection and the hawkers are super nice and charismatic. This is a must -do for tourists in Singapore that enjoy street food.

  • 4AvgMom2Travel 5:00 PM Feb 11, 2020
    Barbecue Smoke -- my favorite perfume!
    Last December, my husband and I walked here after the Marina Bay Sand’s water show had ended. It took us longer than expected because we got lost and had to ask for direction. We got to Lau Pa Sat Festival Market around 9:45 PM. (They open daily at 7 PM.) The front of stall #7 and #8 had the most crowds. Tables and chairs were jammed packed together. We were lucky that a family had just left, so the waitress quickly cleared the table for us. Menu consists of several fixed choices. We chose the least expensive one, which were 26 satay skewers of chicken, mutton, and shrimp for 26 SGD ($19). My husband also ordered a large mug of Tiger Beer (5.60 SGD). They didn’t have any drinks I liked, so I went to the next stall and got a lemon tea (2.50 SGD), which was very refreshing. I loved the smell of barbecue smoke that permeated the entire area! The food was OK (bit dry) and the sauce that came with it was too sweet for our taste. The atmosphere was lively with vendors and people looking for tables. I’m glad we came here for the experience, but I don’t think we need to go back again. We didn’t stayed too long because it was getting late. We walked to the MRT station to get back to our hotel. It was a very tiring day, but we had so much fun for our first day in Singapore!