Monday Evening Mastering Advanced Massage CEU and Mentorship Class, Sebastopol, United States

Mastering Advanced Massage CEU Class $185 / Mentorship $47 per week

Students MUST have current insurance and massage certificate to attend.

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Mastering Advanced Massage Assessment and Release for the Asymmetrical HipMonday Evenings 6PM-8PM 5 CEU Class time (6:15-7:30) *Hip, low back, hamstrings are taught during these months: June, Aug, Oct, Dec *Neck, TMJ, Shoulder are taught during these months: July, Sept, Nov (Each month repeats)*How this works: sign up for hip class! MUST make a first, second, third and fourth week in any given month to gain CEU credit.

This evidence-based course teaches how to effectively assess, identify, and treat the underlying causes of strained hips, low back, hamstrings and more. It applies myofascial release, trigger point therapy and deep tissue stripping techniques. Using nine hip and back imbalances as starting points, observation and palpation techniques are taught that narrow down root causes. Treatment success increases because thirteen assessment skills and twenty-two release techniques crafted for specific root causes are taught in detail.

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Crack the Code

What you should expect from this guide is to learn nine effective methods of treating a very prevalent pain pattern that, sadly, often remains undetected.

 This is what typically happens to 70% of my client base suffering from back/hip imbalances:

• A majority of them have already tried treatments from other therapists but was unsuccessful.

• I discover the pain pattern during my initial assessment.

• I use the strict guideline below that pinpoints and treats the actual culprits causing the client’s imbalance.

 Why Nine Approaches?

• These nine client issue will help narrow down your search for the underlying cause.

• Through visual and verbal input, you can determine the recent changes in the client’s stress, environment, trauma, and movements.

• It will encourage you to use body feedback during your assessment palpations to improve the accuracy of your diagnosis.

• It will help you smoothly solve and unexpected issues that may arise during a session

• This systematic list of techniques acts as your guide. They overlap just enough to help your process of elimination and discover a client’s unique condition.


Author Education

Acupressure Institute, Berkeley CA

Basic Training Course - 150 hours, 2005

National Holistic Institute, Petaluma CA,

Massage Therapy and Health Education -

720 hours, 2007

James Waslaski, Niagra Falls, Canada,

Orthopedic Massage Workshops - 47 hours, 2007 & 2016

Freedom From Pain Institute, Erik Dalton, Costa Rica, Master Myoskeletal Therapy Certification - 210 hours, 2011 - 2018

Sharon Wheeler, Structural Integration, Walpole, ME: Two 3-day classes (Cranium; Balancing the Sacrum & Coccyx) - 42 hours, 2016

Dr. Joshua Margolis, Sonoma, CA, Osteopathic Approaches to Thorax and Pelvis 14 hours, 2019
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234 Hutchins Ave, Sebastopol CA, 234 Hutchins Avenue, Sebastopol, United States

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Local Time: Mon Jun 05 2023 at 06:00 pm to Mon Dec 18 2023 at 08:00 pm

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Saturday, December 09, 2023, 8:43

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