Monkey Hill, Phuket, Thailand

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Incredible night experience

I live in Phuket, and my go-to-spot for some relaxation is the Monkey Hill. The view, the nature and the calmness puts my mind at ease every single time. Altough you won't see any monkeys during the night, the view is in my opinion totally worth the travel! During a clear night, you can see the mountain tops over the horizon, the moving traffic in the far distance and the wonderfull colors of the city. I strongly recommend to go with either car or motorbike to the viewpoint if you go during night as there are A LOT of stray dogs on the road and it is not well lighted. At some points of the road to the view point, you will have to drive with no lighting at all, except from your vehicle.
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To Chae Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 83000 Thailand


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  • 4Az A 5:00 PM Jul 13, 2022
    Nice experience & free, but don’t feed the monkeys
    Great to see the monkeys with no intervention from humans. They seemed healthy, happy & just did their thing. It was nice to see! Some advice… take an umbrella, not incase it rains, but to stomp on the ground and scare monkeys off. Many of the monkeys tried to approach ourselves & pram, and some succeeded and took things from the pram. Do not take food. We loved the idea of feeding them, but they just swarmed us and took the food, and not in a nice way either. Lesson learnt for us. The hill is somewhat steep, but still okay for children & adults to walk up, but wear something comfortable. All in all, it’s definitely worth the trip in our opinion.
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  • 4Nicola89 5:00 PM Dec 1, 2020
    Monkey or Dog Hill?
    Just took a walk up monkey hill. It is quiet, only a few locals walking up getting their daily excersize in. You have to leave your scooter at the bottom, they don't allow you to drive up,the walk up is about 2km from there. There is a little shop half way up at the temple and there is also a toilet at the first Viewpoint. There are about 3 packs of dogs before you reach the monkeys and another pack laying with the monkeys. Dogs and monkeys were no trouble, just walked loudly, stomped and clapped my hands every now and then just to keep them aware of me. At the top Viewpoint I took a few videos and photos with my phone that was already in my hand, but I couldn't take any with my camera as every time a reached for my backpack a bunch of the monkeys would walk closer towards me watching my every move with their big eyes, probably thinking I had food in there, so I just gave up. There are many signs saying "Don't feed any animals" and no one was selling bananas or nuts on the way, I read a lot of reviews saying they fed the monkeys, I don't think that's an option anymore (legally)... I have also heard that they do get fed, vaccinated and neutered on occasion, which is great!
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