Most reviewed Beaches in Phuket

  1. 3.5 Patong Beach (17.0k reviews)
    - Patong Beach, Phuket
    Points of Interest & Landmarks • Beaches
    Patong Beach image
    Since the devastating impact of the December tsunami in 2004, I had always wanted to make a trip to Phuket as I had fond memories of the place which I visited years earlier with my office colleagues. This time, I went with my hubby and it was a refreshing experience with the crowded Patong Beach full of holiday makers on weekdays! We found a quieter beach area with clear water and fishes towards the end of Patong, nearer to Kalim beach. Weather was sunny and Thai food was good but most things were expensive in Phuket, especially the taxi to airport. We felt safer to get the hotel to book us a taxi instead of taking one from the many street taxis. We made a trip to Phuket Old Town and saw the Phuket Fantasea show at 9pm. The distinctive feature of this performance was the more than a dozen elephants on stage! Phuket is a nice getaway and we shall return for the Thai hospitality and food. See more..
  2. 4.0 Kata Beach (8.233 reviews)
    - A beautiful beach
    Spent More than 3 hours Beaches
    Kata Beach image
    This cozy, secluded beach features calm waters and is a favorite for families and couples to relax, snorkel and body surf. See more..
  3. 4.0 Karon Beach (6.968 reviews)
    - Useful tips about the places nearby
    Karon Beach image
    This uncrowded beach features an incredibly long stretch of white sand and a full range of tourist facilities, dining and outdoor recreation. See more..
  4. 4.5 Nai Harn Beach (4.419 reviews)
    - A nice beach for swimming and lounging
    Beaches • Lookouts
    Nai Harn Beach image
    Naiharn beach is a gorgeous beach for swimming and hanging out in lounge chairs. For 200 baht you can rent a pair of loungers and an umbrella but you have to get there early for the good spots, preferably before 9:30 am during peak season. You can buy fruit and snacks nearby for what is probably an inflated price but it's convenient for sure. Remember to pack your sunscreen and plenty of water. The water can be calm but also remember to look at the colour of the flag on the beach to make sure you're a skilled enough swimmer to manage it. There is a nice lagoon area for children on the left side of the beach. See more..
  5. 4.5 Freedom Beach (3.727 reviews)
    - Gorgeous Beach - but go early
    Spent More than 3 hours Beaches
    Freedom Beach image
    I arrived about 10 yesterday Not many people there. Water was crystal clear and very inviting. Beach vendors were just setting up and only a few people on the beach It is a great beach, fun for families and perfect place to relax. Umbrella and matt were free as long as you bought your drinks and snacks from the vendors and prices are cheaper than patong beach. Does get a bit hectic after lunch and by 1 pm, it resembled patong beach, counting 10 plus boats docked against the beach , meaning you have to swim between the boats. My preference is take the boat at 1500 baht and get there early with the aim of departing after lunch. I would go as soon as you can as I feel that this spot may be ruined as it's popularity increases See more..
  6. 4.5 Kata Noi Beach (2.820 reviews)
    - Possibly the best beach in Thailand
    Kata Noi Beach image
    If there's a better beach in Thailand, I have yet to see it (in some 12 visits). The white sand has the perfect texture, and the seawater is very clear. For those not staying in the Katathani Hotel, an umbrella and two padded loungers are available for 250 baht. Occasional yellow signs warn against 'stingers in the sea during summer time'. By this, they mean jelly fish. We never saw any, and the notices may have been advised by lawyers to absolve anyone of blame if a swimmer did get stung seriously. Because the beach is West facing, there are beautiful sunsets most nights. See more..
  7. 4.0 Kamala Beach (2.626 reviews)
    - Clean and relaxing
    Kamala Beach image
    Probably one of the best beach in Phuket. This is because Kamala Beach is clean, the vibe is more chill than other touristy beaches e.g. Patong, and there are plenty of amazing Thais/Western restaurant to dine in along the beach. There are plenty of massage parlour along the main road of the beach as well. Highly recommend to visit the beach at around 5pm just about when the sun is setting for the amazing view to complement your dinner time. Overall, Kamala Beach is perfect for family and those who seek peace away from the hustle and bustle of Patong. See more..
  8. 5.0 Banana Beach (1.936 reviews)
    - Gorgeous island with good snorkelling a short boat ride from Phuket
    Tuesday: 12:00 AM - 11:59 PM Spent More than 3 hours Beaches
    Banana Beach image
    Trips to Banana Beach are either via the tour company that has exclusive tour access, or via a private speed boat / long tail boat. We visited using the tour company, who also included some snorkelling at a nearby bay, banquet lunch at the Hornbill restaurant, tea/coffee with biscuits for afternoon tea, masks and snorkels, and free water/soft-drink during the day. They also ensured that a gluten-free lunch was available. It was a great day, and the swimming and snorkelling was fantastic. Most of the visitors didn't seem to do this, and instead sat on chairs on the beach, so missed out. The best snorkelling on Banana Beach was on the far side of the pontoon jetty, away from the boats, and there was plenty of coral and fish to see. One of our snorkels was broken, but it was easily swapped over at the hire place, although I suspect it was immediately hired out again, so I suggest checking any masks/snorkels as soon as you hire them. See more..
  9. 4.0 Surin Beach (1.907 reviews)
    - Tranquil Beach
    Surin Beach image
    Great beach experience. See "Tim" the massage tent lady for a great massage. Beach umbrella and lounge service very good and of course the beach is outstanding as most beaches in Phuket are. Kamala beach is another competitive beach to this one, as is Karon Beach. I like Surin though as it is more secluded and tranquil. I recommend going earlier in the day as the wind is low and light not so intense. See more..
  10. 4.0 Rawai Beach (1.715 reviews)
    - Not for swimming, but ok for lunch
    Rawai Beach image
    Rawai is not a swimming beach, but is used primarily as a boat harbor. There are a few shaded areas for relaxing under the trees however. If you head to the southern end of the beach, there are a number of restaurants along the waterfront. Excellent place for lunch. Not a bad seat anywhere. Public toilets are not too spiffy, and cost 10b. See more..
  11. 4.0 Naiyang Beach (1.024 reviews)
    - Hidden Gem in Phuket.
    Naiyang Beach image
    This a beautiful beach exceptionally long and rarely busy like some other beaches. It is also great to capture an image of the sunset most nights. Plenty of beach areas to get food and the water is so warm. Watch the planes come in across the sea to land at Phuket Internatinal Airport. See more..
  12. 4.5 Bang Tao Beach (951 reviews)
    - Brilliant beach - lots of bars and restaurants!
    Bang Tao Beach image
    Fab beach, lots of bars and restaurants, some fancier (more expensive) beach clubs too day and night if that's your thing. A few locals walk up and down the beach selling various local crafts, kaftans, beach towels, sarrongs, all very cheap, and the people do not hassle you if you do not want to buy like in some other countries! Live music, fire shows of a night at some places, fire works at beach clubs, happy hours (even though things are really cheap anyway), great food, something for everyone. Lack of toilets was a downside for me, but then that's what happens if you're enjoying beach life at little 'shack' bars, very authentic. Something for everyone! See more..
  13. 4.0 Tri Trang Beach (701 reviews)
    - Who runs Tri Trang elephant swimming?
    Tri Trang Beach image
    Can anyone tell me contact name & number to swim with elephants on Tri Trang beach? Can't find contact details anywhere in Phuket atm. See more..
  14. 4.5 Yanui Beach (592 reviews)
    - Great Beach for Snorkeling and Relaxing
    Spent 2-3 hours Beaches
    Yanui Beach image
    Great beach for snorkeling and relaxing. There are corals very close to the beach and there is almost no current so it never. Kayaks can be rented cheaply in case one wants to row over to the next tiny island or watch some fish a little further from the beach. Plenty of good restaurants with delicious food (especially One More Restaurant) and fair prices nearby. See more..
  15. 4.5 Mai Khao Beach (514 reviews)
    - went for plane spotting
    Mai Khao Beach image
    went here for plane spotting. I didn’t realize planes don’t land there all the time - it is seasonal so this time of year they only take off from the beach which is cool but the planes don’t get as close. quite a lot of people waiting to get a good photo with the plane over the top. got a bolt there but you can’t get dropped right at the plane watching area as the roads are restricted due to it being behind at the airport - so you have to walk quite a bit and getting a bolt back is difficult as all the cars are on the other side of the airport so it’s a 15min drive to fetch you from the north side so i def recommend getting dropped off/parking and getting picked up at the south side of the airport along the beach at sirinat national park playground area - recommend for plane enthusiasts!! See more..
  16. 4.5 Ao Sane (226 reviews)
    - Small, beautiful rocky beach.
    Spent 2-3 hours Beaches
    Ao Sane image
    One of our favourite beaches, not a lot of room for swimming unless you're confident to go deeper and snorkel, but enough to cool down. Sunbeds and parasols available , (totally necessary in January). Rustic restaurant with good food, icecreams, drinks etc. Toilets were well used and handwashing facilities basic. Very pretty location, not visited by coachloads of tourists, wonderful sunsets. See more..
  17. 4.0 Friendship Beach (113 reviews)
    - One of last resorts that still feels 'Thai"
    Friendship Beach image
    Basic rooms , but price is excellent, lovely views [at high tide]. Very nice ambience with a real Thailand feel, compared to so much "concrete and tile" at so many other places. Excellent quality [not typical] Live music on Friday nights by a talented musician that we enjoyed so much we visited again two more times even though we were no longer staying there. See more..
  18. 3.5 Sirinat National Park (100 reviews)
    - Very beautiful
    National Parks • Beaches
    Sirinat National Park image
    This isn’t your average national park for sure. It does feature a very beautiful area and a wonderful beach as well. Our hotel was located right in it so we explored it quite a lot. You can take nice long walks on the beach or around the busy streets. Along the way it is lined with a kind of pine tree which give nice shade and a relaxed atmosphere. It is generally well-kept, and I think parts of it you need to pay an entrance fee. See more..
  19. 4.0 Kalim beach (85 reviews)
    - Empty!
    Kalim beach image
    We wanted to go to a quiet beach after experiencing massive crowds on Patong Beach!! Kalim Beach, is the next beach along, about a 20 minute walk or short TukTuk ride. It cost us 200 bhat to get there and we walked home. When we arrived, we had the beach to ourselves, it was beautiful. Crystal clear waters, white sand which much larger grain (making it easier to brush off) and absolutely no hassle!! It is a little rocky in places when heading into the sea, so keep your flip flops on!! Once you're in, it's beautiful!! We ventured across the road to get drinks from the supermarket, leaving all our belongings behind! There were food and drink stalls along the road very near by which was lovely. Very cheap, fresh food. We bought bubble tea for just 20 bhat which was very refreshing! Would highly recommend this beach if you're looking for somewhere away from the huddle and bustle of the more popular beaches! See more..
  20. 4.0 Laem Ka Beach (58 reviews)
    - Nice Hidden Beach
    Laem Ka Beach image
    Nice beach (not the best) but it has much of shadow for your Thai girlfriend or friends. Worth visiting only if you stay plenty of days in rawai and you have been everywhere else. Peaceful place,great for outdoor barbecue. BE AWARE the access of the beach is now closed (or it was). You turn left in the seven eleven driving towards rawai. See more..
  21. 4.0 Ao Sane Beach (50 reviews)
    - Remembering
    Ao Sane Beach image
    Once upon the time I had been thier and found a small beach quite peachfull relaxing not far from the town mostly recommend See more..
  22. 4.0 Long Beach (1 review)
    - A beautiful Beach on Ko He
    Tuesday: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Spent More than 3 hours Beaches
    Long Beach image
    Monday 17th February we booked a half day tour to Coral Island. The journey was only about 15 minutes from Chalong Pier. Our boat moored up by the pontoon on Long Beach, where we were based on the Island. Deck chairs were available to rent, but ours were included in the price of the tour. Lockers were also available for 100 Baht Once settled in we went for a walk, along the longest stretch of the beach. It looked so beautiful with the white coral sand and clear waters, so picturesque. However, some bits were not so good. In order to stop beach erosion, sand filled sacks have be piled up along the bank. Some of the bags have split and it seemed that litter and rubbish gathered here, a bit ugly. Thankfully it is only on part of the beach. Walking to the other end of the beach, towards the rocks and sea on left side, we picked up the pathway to Banana Beach. The ground is very uneven and at times a bit steep footwear is definitely required, not really flip flop terrain Other activities available on Long Beach, for additional fees were, sea walking, Parasailing, Banana boat and scuba div We were provided with snorkels, included in tour price. We were able to snorkel in the large cordoned off area from the beach. We swam out to the perimeter and this is where we saw the most fish and coral. This was the best snorkeling we did on all of the trips we took. The are bars and restaurants on both beaches. We spent about 3 hours here on Koh He, mostly on this beach, snorkeling, walking Long Beach and to and from Banana Beach, the time quickly passed. In fact we just had time for a cold beer in Bar 1 (Coral Bar) before rejoining our speedboat back to Chalong. It was not overly busy when we were here, no hoards of tourists, might have been a very different scenario with lots of people. The only shade on the beach was provided by the trees towards the back of the beach. Overall a beautiful beach. See more..