2023 Vibration Mastery Program™, Kent, United Kingdom

Be guided on a 6-month journey to discover your own personal power and joy!

About this Event

Vibration Mastery Program™: A six-month guided tour through the art of increasing your vibrational set-point.

Learn about this program at www.shineakron.com/mastery

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This “program” is not a program but a pilgrimage. A journey to a sacred place as an act of spiritual devotion. It’s likely you’ve already started the journey if you are considering this experience. However, as with any journey, it’s often advantageous to have a guide, one who has been on the path before. Cortney (and friends) will serve as that guide as you do the inner work. An experienced guide is priceless. This program is concrete and will provide you with the insight you are seeking.

Over the course of this six-month program:

50+ hours of instruction + guidance

Guided by Cortney Martinelli + friends

Expect to grow spiritually

Expect answers to foundational questions

Expect abundance on every level

Expect to increase your set-point

Expect to bond with your tribe

Expect your life to change


There is the law and then there is the understanding and deliberate application of the law. This program guides you through the understanding and the application.

This 50-hour program meets in person at least once monthly and serves as a guide as you learn to deliberately and consistently raise your vibration to increase your set-point, which is the ultimate goal of this program. Deep connections and bonds will be made not only with your inner being but with the other souls that are on a similar, but unique, journey. Rich conversations and activities are promised. You will be guided and supported not only by the teachers but also by the other participants in the program. We don’t believe in coincidences and we know that the perfect group of souls will be drawn together for this 6-month experience.


USD 1.1k


SHINE Education + Retreat Center, 5190 Cline Road, Kent, United States

Event Date & Time

Local Time: Sat Oct 07 2023 at 10:00 am to Fri Mar 22 2024 at 08:30 pm

Current local date and time now

Saturday, December 09, 2023, 4:57

Event category: Art