Most reviewed Historic Sites in Hamburg

  1. 4.5 Alter Elbtunnel (5.346 reviews)
    - A Nice Walk
    Spent < 1 hour Historic Sites • Historic Walking Areas
    Alter Elbtunnel image
    The Elbtunnel is one of the nicest ways to cross the river in Hamburg and the entrance is located near bridge 6 in Landungsbrücken. Entry is free and you have elevators and stairs to get down but beware that the tunnel is closed from 7 p.m. The length is about 1 km and and you could either walk or cycle (you need your own) across. The view of the city from the other end is spectacular and there is an actual observation deck with some boards describing the history of the city and the port. See more..
  2. 4.5 St Nikolai Memorial (980 reviews)
    - Detour worthy to look at
    Tuesday: Historic Sites
    St Nikolai Memorial image
    St. Nikolai Memorial is Hamburg’s most important memorial dealing with the war and its dictatorship during 1933-1945. The original main church was destroyed in the air raids on Hamburg in 1943. In the church ruins a museum reminds us of the disastrous air war over Europe. It questions the impact of war in former as well as in present times and deals with aspects of the memories of the victims of World War II. A glass elevator takes visitors up the fifth highest church tower in the world. A viewing platform at 76 metres overlooks the harbour, the Alster lakes and Hamburg’s city centre. Historical photos of past destruction add up to the impressions. Our program offers discussions in current events, supports research on German history and promotes international peace movements/ peace and understanding of nations. See more..