Most reviewed Architectural Buildings in Hamburg

  1. 4.5 Speicherstadt (5.048 reviews)
    - A must to go
    Historic Walking Areas • Architectural Buildings
    Speicherstadt image
    This historic part of the ancient harbour warehouse area is an impressive view as well as a cool place with lots of museums (minatur wondeland, ship-paintings, tee ....), amusement (Hamburg Dungeon, Dinner in the dark, ...). Further it is very close to the Elbphilharmonie which has been built on top of a former warehouse in that area. Special boat tours are available at Landungsbrücken to have a look at the old buildings from the waterside. See more..
  2. 4.5 St. Michael's Church (4.301 reviews)
    - Beautifull organ music
    Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 7:30 PM Spent 1-2 hours Architectural Buildings • Religious Sites
    St. Michael's Church image
    This huge 18th-century cathedral is Hamburg's best known architectural landmark. See more..
  3. 4.5 Hamburg Town Hall (4.075 reviews)
    - Beautiful Interior and Fascinating Tour
    Tuesday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM Points of Interest & Landmarks • Architectural Buildings • Government Buildings
    Hamburg Town Hall image
    We were really thankful for the opportunity to take an English tour. We simply had to show proof of vaccination and wear a mask during the tour. The interior of the building is amazing for a government office. Each room is decorated in a different way and many of the doors and wall coverings are very intricate. The tour guide provided a great sense of the history of Hamburg and the use of the building, as well as information concerning the art works and interior decorations. See more..
  4. 4.5 Chilehaus (361 reviews)
    - unique architecure - must see
    Architectural Buildings
    Chilehaus image
    a magnificent and unique architecture, not in vain elevated to world cultural heritage. You have to walk around this building to see this dimension and art (you can't do that from the harbour tour). Also the interior view (the courtyards, and the few staircases you can look at) is valuable. It is hard to imagine that there was an ensemble of some of these houses. If you love architecture, you have to go here. See more..