The Holocaust Memorial - Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin, Germany

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The memorial itself looks almost underwhelming at first, but as you step into it and realise how the ground gives way and you get lost and lose your sense of location, it takes your breath away. The exhibition below the memorial is shocking and extremely emotional, but we owe it to them as well as ourselves and future generations to not look away. Reading victims' last letters is heart-breaking but really brings home the message that they were all individuals, not just a mass of 6 million. It must never happen again.


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  • 4Michael A 5:00 PM Jun 28, 2022
    Contemplative memorial
    Lacking in easily-accessible information, but you can work things out. Both as a memorial and an art piece very thought-provoking and contemplative. There are guidelines on how to behave in the memorial but there were folks doing things that were disrespectful (parkour on the stones…) - maybe avoid at dusk / dark. Right down the street is the Führerbunker parking lot, and across the street the memorial to homosexuals persecuted under Nazism. Recommend visiting both while in the area.

  • 4shortshank2015 5:00 PM Jan 9, 2023
    A fitting memorial
    There was a scaffold fence around the site which is hopefully only a temporary measure as it definitely detracts from the look of the memorial, also there wasn’t any signs telling you how to get in so wandered around for a bit until we bumped into tourists on the way out who pointed us in the right direction. Once inside we got an audio guide and walked around listening to the harrowing tales of what happened during WW2. A very sombre place that brings to life the horrors of the past “lest we forget”.