Schloss Neuschwanstein, Bavaria, Germany

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Nice view, nice castle but rushed tour

Yet another of the eccentric King Ludwig II's magnificently odd architectural creations.
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Neuschwansteinstrasse 20, 87645 Schwangau, Bavaria Germany


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from $41.75

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4.5 based on (17.8k reviews)



  • 5Rita S 5:00 PM Sep 26, 2021
    Do both castles whilst you are here.
    So, we were a little confused as to the set up at first. Basically there are 4 car parks. Parking is around €8 for the day, at least it was in P1 which we were told was the cheaper car park of them all but can not say for certain that it was. All the car parks are aabout the same short walk to the main ticket office. From here you can buy your tickets to both Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein castles, walking in one direction to the one castle, then returning to the same area and walking in another direction to the other castle. Both walks are up a steep tarmac path or you can take the horse and cart. We had visited Neuschwanstein castle over 30 years ago but when we went on line to buy the tickets they were just impossible to get so we resigned ourselves to doing just Hohenschwangau and just walking up to Neuschwanstein, having a look around the outside and walking back. It was a Sunday and we found the weekends at this time of the year (September) to be very manic in the tourist areas. We got to the car park around 10 (we were staying 10 mins up the road in Fussen), and got in easily in the car park. We went to the ticket office to buy a ticket for Hohenschwangau castle and easily got a ticket for Neuschwanstein castle for 2.30. The walk up is not as long as they say but it is uphill to both castles so make sure you have decent shoes on and fit enough to do the walks. Also when doing the castle tours there are a lot of steps particularly in Neuschwanstein castle, at least 100 steps up and another 100 or more down on a spiral staircase which made you feel a little dizzy. You can only go inside the castles with a guided tour, you have an audio guide in your own language which explains everything though you also have an individual guide who accompanies you. We thought the Hohenschwangau guided tour was so much better as the girl added extra commentary which was interesting whereas the other guide just walked us through the rooms and said nothing. You must do both castles whilst you are there, they relate to each other in their history. At the base were the ticket office is there are some small shops selling gifts and restaurants were you can stop for coffee or lunch. At the top of Neuschwanstein you can buy snacks or a drink also a restaurant. At the ticket office area you have to pay for the toilet, if you go to Neuschwanstein when you enter with your ticket into the court yard there are toilets here which are free. You can enter this area 10 mins before your tour but when your tour is called up do not be late or you will not be allowed in, they are quite strict about this and will not let you on the next tour.

  • 4Indira A. 5:00 PM Jul 23, 2022
    Nice view, nice castle but rushed tour
    Every review I read stated that we needed to book tickets online because at the door we would not be able to get them. We decided to drive there and take pictures outside and by chance went to the ticket office and was able to get tickets for both castles! We parked in P4 close to the bus that takes you to Neuschwanstein. Bus ride was approximately 20 euro both ways, you can walk up to the castle but it is a steep climb if you have not well with your lower extremities. We were not aware that if you have tickets, you can enter to the courtyard 45 minutes before your entrance time. Make sure you do that before the tour, because at the end, you leave the castle through a back door. Tour lasts 30 minute and is a bit rushed.

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