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We have a huge variety of vintage, antique, unique and collectible items. We buy, sell, and trade.
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1955 McCulloch Blvd N Suite 100, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403-5739


+1 928-733-6161


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Tuesday, April 16, 2024, 8:01

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  • 5Pamela S 5:00 PM Aug 26, 2022
    Vacation stop
    Nice stop on vacation. Lots of cool items. Brings back lots of great memories from the past. Very friendly ladies at counter who are super nice!

  • 5on_the_go_98765 5:00 PM Nov 2, 2019
    Delightful surprise in downtown Lake Havasu City
    We were just following our noses, out on a Main Street walkabout, when we happened upon this shop. It's like a consignment shop as each vendor displays their own merchandise and everything is totally different. The collectibles (vintage baseball cards) were an excellent find but, surprisingly, we ran accross WW II "War Ration" coupon books (circa 1943) and this just screamed "HISTORY!" at the top of its lungs (if it had any lungs). It is doubtful that there are many (if any) people left today who could give a first-hand account of using the stamps in these books to procure food. So many questions were opened up, and all involved how these aritfacts were used. I imagined this as a really great topic for a student to research. We had never seen one of these coupon books before and believe the owner probably stuffed them away for almost 76 years and forgot about them. It seemed to us that these books should be in a museum somewhere. You just never know what you will find when exploring these kinds of shops and "Stella's" paid out big-time.
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